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Downing a Viennese drink: The best bars in Vienna

Magic to the night-life, the bars in Vienna get the hangover running to the spines of people familiar to it. The exquisite bars in Vienna have the best and first-class drinks, shots and cocktails. For those who wanna go crazy, the ultimate destinations ar

5 Best drinks for spring season

The transition from winter to spring is one of the most wonderful times of the year. With the onset of spring season, air begins to flow like water, small buds on trees turn into fresh fruits, and warmer days and summer breeze makes mood enthusiastic. The

High on height: 10 most exquisite roof top bars

It is not easy to choose the top 10 most exquisite rooftop bars around the globe. We will reveal to you some of the available contact information and brief descriptions about the 10 elite roof top bars of the world. So if you are a party animal and you a

All about Greek wines

Owing to the diligent efforts of the Greek vintners, Greek wines have earned immense appreciation and accolades in the international market. While the foreign interventions have been threatening to Greece, yet she has stood proud in regaining the reputati

Top 7 frosty drinks to beat the heat

Summer is here and so is the need for some chilly drinks to cool your throat down. Most of us opt for cold artificial beverages, which are not only unhealthy, but filled with a fair share of calories. But this time let us try going natural with some aweso

Tanteo Tequila – Taste beyond reality

Tanteo, the brand really proves its saying, “Taste the tantalizing world beyond ordinary tequila..” . From the cover of the bottle to the taste of tequila, perfection is maintained beautifully. At the first glimpse of the bottle, it gives you a clue that

Best Chilean wines to delight your taste buds

Chile is world famous for producing and exporting splendid wine flavors all across the globe. Chilean wines are basically made by fermenting fruit juices usually grapes. In the middle of the 19th century French wine like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot were

Top 10 wines of all time

Ask a man to choose one between the two mighty w’s – wine and women; the former will topple the latter. That is the stand of wine for men. A perfect masculine is assumed a connoisseur of wine. Malcolm Forbes, the billionaire, is known to pay $155000 for

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