Eating Etiquettes Guide

Etiquettes to use napkin during meals

Napkins are an important element of table etiquette. Using it properly can portray hygiene and mannerism. Follow the below steps to use your napkin the right way.

Fat celebrities

In the world of celebrities, there are various fancies that they can subject themselves to, various fantasies that they can fulfill on their own, but nevertheless there are some things that do remain out of their reach.

Why can’t I sign in to the ready steady cook?

I have been trying from a month to sign in to the ready steady cook but have always failed, why is it so? Why can’t I sign in to the ready steady cook? Will you please help me out, I am very desperate to join them. Please tell me about the procedure elabo

Tips to tip anywhere

Do you travel across the globe or a continent? If yes, you are probably a seasoned traveler. Traveling comes with trying out different cuisines and the food of different places. While you can ask your local friends to make you good food, chances are that

Can any one tell me about dinning etiquette?

I am in need of the dining etiquette. I am going out at noon with some of my friends. They all are Chinese and they want me to be the interpreter. I am new here and I don’t know anything about this. So I am looking for some help on dinning etiquette. T

All you need to know about Atkins Dietary plans

Atkins Nutritional Approach is a wonderful solution for a low-carbohydrate diet by well-known nutritionist Robert Coleman Atkins. It is a much admired but very contentious way of loosing and managing weight or simply dieting. He was also a physician and

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