10 most popular salad recipes

Salads, possessing all vital nutrients and being a good source of power, are very good for health. Salads can be prepared with anything; sea food, canned vegetables, fruits, fresh vegetables and eggs. Salads can make fulfilling meals on their own or can b

salad recipes

Recipes for a delectable dressing on your salad

Salad dressing is a treat. It makes a simple plate of green veggies tasty. Maintains quality of salad, and makes it looks beautiful. Here’s how to go about getting that stunning salad dressing you always wanted.

Salad Sicilia

Salad Sicilia is one of those salads you might reckon for once you have had it. It is a crunchy salad, full of colorful ingredients which not only make it look yummy but also healthy. On having the salad, you …

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5 best Greek salads

Name of the dish: Greek saladsIntroduction: Greek salad is a summer salad in Greek cuisine. The fresh vegetables and fruits used in these salads contain antioxidants and micronutrients that help in preventing diseases like cancer, heart attacks, blood pre

Delicious Laab Moo (Northeastern pork salad) recipe

Thai dishes are very popular worldwide. But, you must be thinking why these are so? Thai cooking or Thai cuisine always maintains a certain protocol to cook its every dish. Thai cooks strictly see to it that all the four flavors are equally balanced in th

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