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Will I get hungry on just two meal replacement drinks and two bars during the day?

I have been drinking 1-2 meal replacement drinks a day for almost a year, and I look forward to every one! Sometimes trade off between vanilla and chocolate flavors. Also, try mixing in fruit or frozen fruit to create your own fun flavors. But now I want

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Recipe: Make this Christmas special with almond devils on horseback

Almond Devils on Horseback This delectable Christmas treat is a twice-removed cousin of the “Angels on Horseback”. It is served as an appetizer or savory (small dish). Originally, “Angles on Horseback” is an English preparation, the American Mi

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What are some easy drinks recipe including vodka, rum and non alcoholic drinks?

I am planning for a party and I want to know about some good easy drinks recipe which I can manage to make alone. I want to know some easy recipes which include drinks like vodka, rum, and some non alcoholic drinks for non drinkers. I want to keep the dri

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Which simple polish cuisine recipes for dinner are the best for me?

Which simple polish cuisine recipes for dinner are the best for me? How do I make them? I am a 30yr old, male. I am searching for the simple recipes for dinner that has the right balance of magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, chloride and phosphate. It

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What is Select Beef?

Whenever you are buying meat from the supermarkets, make sure that you
get the best quality meat for your family. In the market you will find
different grades of meat which is sold under different brand names. Most
of you want to select the best qualit

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This b’day, treat your kiddo some cupcakes!

It is your child’s birthday and all you have been thinking about is what special you could do for him/her this year. After hours of challenging brainstorming sessions, all you end up saying is, let us get a delicious cake. Here is the twist now. This year

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Can somebody advise me of useful food magazine?

I am a fitness enthusiast, and I am always keen on knowing about different health tips from different sources. Lately I have thought of subscribing to some useful food magazine. I want to know from you guys which food magazine can give me the best details

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Should I apply for Washington or Oregon food stamps?

Well, I’m a poor student and even can’t afford a vegan burger. I’m doing part time driving so as to meet my daily requirements and getting payment for working 30 hours a week. But it’s really hard me to bear school full time expenses and to pay rent.

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Can somebody help me with some Thai cooking and recipes?

My mom-in-law is coming to stay with my husband and me for some time, and my husband has told me that she loves Thai recipes, mostly salads, and curry. It would be after a long time that she would be coming to stay with us, as she is usually a busy person

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Can I run on an empty stomach?

I am a 36yr old male. I have recently started running to increase my stamina. I usually run in the morning. I don’t like to eat anything before my running session. Well, can I run on an empty stomach? But then I will be dehydrated because I haven’t had an

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Recipe tips for cooking chicken

The moment you hear the word ‘chicken’, doesn’t your mouth start watering while hunger crazily rolls down inside your stomach? Chicken dishes undoubtedly are the undisputed kings of non-vegetarian food. It is almost unparalleled in its versatility a

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Can you share the safer version of the monster drinks recipes free of side effects?

I have heard that the monster drinks have adverse side effects on the people, is it true? I am very worried and confused about it now, should I try it? Can you share with me the safer version of the monster drinks recipes and if possible, along with it th

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Will you help me with some recipes for my family get together?

I tried to Google recipes but all were either too stylish or something like that one cannot try for the sake of their health and doesn’t suit the taste buds. Will you share with me some of your recipes that you think will be great for a family dinner afte

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What variations can I try with the gin mixed drinks that does not include vodka?

What variations can I try in the gin mixed drinks other than the vodka? Can some gin mixed drinks be made at home clubbing them with triple sec drinks, somehow? Does one have to be an expert at making such gin mixed drinks at home? If you know how to make

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Keto-Dosa Always Foodie Popular

5 Mouthwatering Indian Keto Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

A ketogenic diet can get boring pretty easily – especially …

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