Way to a healthy diet with the greens

The way to a healthy living is a lifestyle which includes healthy diet, exercising regularly and living a stress free life. A healthy diet plays a very important role to provide your body with all the vitamins, proteins and nutrients to cope up with day-t

Best low calorie vegetables for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy diet is never complete without vegetables. Fresh vegetables provide the body with vital nutrients which in turn reduce the risk of certain diseases. According to a report, most Americans have less vegetable intake than the bare minimum. Vegetabl

How do I cook the chicken basquaise the french way?

I get interested in recipes by looking at the pictures of the cooking food where ever I see it. I saw the pictures of chicken basquaise somewhere and want to make it. I want to cook exactly the way french make it there, will you help me please? How do I c

Can I learn from the pictures of cooking food?

I want to learn from looking at the pictures of cooking food only but that seems impossible right now but just like my aunt I will also gain that much expertise one day to be able to cook by looking at the pictures. If anyone of you have any tips on this

Are the pictures of cooking helpful?

Do you think the pictures of cooking help us learn the recipes? Are they actually helpful as I don’t find them helpful because all they do is form an unachievable image in our minds? One more thing I need to know from you guys is that the recipe of the tr

What does the slow food wikipedia mean?

I’m very curious about food types and diet system. Yesterday, I have heard a term called slow food Wikipedia. I have no idea: What does the slow food wikipedia mean? Can you give some reliable information on that topic? What is slow food? I can Google i

How to keep most nutrients while cooking

Vegetable is the best food which we eat to live a healthy and active life. They are eaten during lunch and dinner and even in breakfast. Different vegetable have different nutrient contents. Among these green vegetables are considered to be the most impor

Vegetable carving: A way to impress your guests

A vegetable tray is one of the best options at most of the dinner and lunch functions. They go very well with the other dishes that are served at the party. Also health conscious persons prefer vegetables. So, if you are hosting a party then vegetables a

Could you tell me about Indonesian breakfast casserole recipe?

My 9 years old daughter had stayed for a night at her friend’s home, and she had casserole for breakfast the next morning. She could not stop telling me about it from the time she has returned from her friend’s place. I want to know about this breakfast

How to start with raw foods diet?

Recently my friend has advised me to go for raw food diet, as it helps in reducing weight, and maintaining it for a long time. I want to know what all are comprised in raw food diet, as I am a non-vegetarian person. I would also like to know about its oth

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