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Tips for making and serving Champagne cocktails

Champagne is a costly drink. Champagnes are served to express the extreme sense of happiness or deep sense of gratitude. However, very less often, people know how to serve them or make exciting cocktails using champagne. People have a wrong notion that op

Dare to Pair- Guide to cocktail and food pairing tips

Wining and dining is the ultimate desire of a foodie. In parties, if you are intending to make note, then there’s not much to do, just follow the age-old custom of offering guests fine wine accompanied with great dine. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea t

5 Must try beer cocktails for those who relish taste

People who enjoy a good drink will tell you that when it comes to cocktails, it is experimentation that leads to the blending of new drinks, which are then served for the people to relish.There are some drinks that are now famous as the classics that ever

Which is the best place dine & wine in Spain?

I will be in Spain for 2 weeks later this year, and hope to do lots of wining & dining. So can anyone recommend great places to taste a variety of quality wine in Madrid & Seville? They don’t have to have ‘child friendly’ menus burgers & chips as our kids

All about pumpkin ale

Have you heard of pumpkin ale? To most of us it will sound like fruit punch, but guess what? It is a new kind of beer in the market. It is getting very popular especially during the Halloween season. What is pumpkin ale? This beer was first brewed in

5 Beers to go with barbecue

Beer and Barbecue is a deadly combination that sets your mood right. In a winter evening, it is the perfect idea to warm up and enjoy. Nothing’s better than a mug of beer and barbecued chops. Sundays usually look incomplete if smoke isn’t rising in the ai

All about champagne

The word ‘champagne’ does not need any introduction to any beverage enthusiast in the world. In fact, champagne is one of the most highly recognized beverages across the world. It is associated with all celebrations and special occasions like christenin

5 ‘green’ wines from all over the world

The method of producing wines have not changed much even after centuries, but most important development in the wine production is growing area of organic wine. Organic wines have a great taste as well as it promotes health and environment. This is the

Beer Series: Introduction

Beer has a range of culinary usages and this gives me an opportunity to bring out a “Beer Series”. In the first chapter, I would like to present the most exciting and delicious round of meat marinades with beer.
I would first thank the “I kitchen…

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