Unique cake ideas to celebrate your girl’s first birthday

It is the first birthday of your little princess . She is your darling and she deserves to be treated royally. All young girls like bright colors, teddies, barbie dolls, cartoons, flowers, etc., but each child is different and each child has a unique tast

Recipe of bird’s nest bread for Easter

This delicious dish is named due to its looks being similar to that of the nest of a bird. The dish is supposed to be one of the favorite recipes prepared and served during Easter. It is decorated using raw eggs with different colors, in such a way that i

Edna Lewis’s famous coconut lane cake

Name of Dish: Coconut lane cake by Edna LewisLane Cake is named after its first baker Mrs. Emma R. Lane. She called it ‘Prize Cake’ as it won her the first prize at county fair in Columbus, Georgia. As Lane belonged to the city of Clayton, Alabama, this

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