Amedei chocolate: What makes it the best?

Amedei, an Italian chocolate making company that was founded by Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri in 1990, is known for making the best chocolates in the world. Cecilia and Alessio had no prior chocolate making experience. They traveled across the world to fin

Recipe: How to make yummy bite-sized chocolate truffles

The recipe of chocolate truffle comes from France and Italy. The flavor of the finest chocolate, cream and alcohol makes chocolate truffles, really irresistible. It is true that these chocolates are very expensive when purchased from a store. However, the

10 Best chocolates to gift this Christmas

Come Xmas and we all make a beeline to the pastry shops to choose the best chocolates and cakes for our friends and relatives. Chocolates are a passion for all of us and it is during these festive seasons that we try to indulge in them without watching o

What makes the most popular candy bars so endearing?

Candy bars are a favorite of everyone. Bars can be the most soothing comfort food or suitable for celebrating. The first Candy bar goes way back to 1847 when the Fry’s chocolate factory in England made the delicious confectionery. Today there are thousa

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