Ice Creams

4 Super Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Ice cream recipes like strawberry sorbet and peach frozen yogurt don’t require an ice cream maker. Also, they taste great and are super easy to prepare. Here are 4 easy ice cream recipes you can enjoy at home.

5 Ice cream sandwiches you would love!

You might be loving to make a variety of ice creams for different and special occasions. Once you have made them, it could be boring to serve them in the form of scoop in a cup or in a cone. How about trying the ice cream sandwiches? They are innovative a

How to make French-pressed coffee ice cream

A French press is a device that is used to brew coffee; it consists of a pitcher with a plunger and mesh attached at the bottom. The French press uses coarsely ground coffee beans and boiling water to brew coffee and ensures that the aroma and flavor of t

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