Top 7 frosty drinks to beat the heat

Summer is here and so is the need for some chilly drinks to cool your throat down. Most of us opt for cold artificial beverages, which are not only unhealthy, but filled with a fair share of calories. But this time let us try going natural with some awesome shakes, cocktails, lemonades, etc. In the following article you will find the 7 best ways to cool your throat. They are easy to make drinks which will not only help you beat the heat but also stay fit and healthy.

Classic lemonade

Lemonade is a traditional summer drink. Fresh lemonade is a favorite way to keep your cool in summers. It is very easy to prepare and is a relishing experience. You can use the ready made lemon syrup available in the market, although the home made syrup is preferred. All you need to do is to squeeze fresh lemon juice, mix it in water and then add some lemon syrup and stir. Add some ice to that and your classic lemonade is ready. It is a nice drink to serve when your kids return from school or after a tough baseball game. Also, if you can modify the original lemonade by adding some squeezed ginger drops or orange/raspberry juice. This will give a new bend to your drink if you consider the original form to be boring. You can also use mint leaves and lemon slices for garnishing.

Honeydew lime cooler

This is a refreshing mix of honeydew melon, lime and some juicy red grapes. It is a perfect blend of nutrition and fun. To make this, you need to first freeze the melon and grapes for an hour. Mix lemon and grapes in a blender and add some water and lime to it. Your honeydew lime cooler is ready. Add some ice and you are good to go. It is an exotic drink to serve at a house party. Let your guests enjoy the flavor and coolness of this drink.

Peach iced green tea

Iced tea is a very popular cold beverage. Also, nobody is unaware of the benefits of green tea. This drink is a healthier option to feel cool and delighted. The peachy flavor makes the drink taste even better. To prepare this drink all you need to do is heat peach slices with water in a pan. Then pour that mixture on green tea bags. Let it cool. You can also refrigerate it.

This drink can be enjoyed by everyone. It is perfect to serve at a nice afternoon lunch with friends or family.

Watermelon mint smoothie

Imagine if two cool ingredients like watermelon and mint came together to make a fantastic smoothie! It is like tasting heaven on a hot summer day. The ingredients are easily available and this drink is not only limited to the summer. It can make for a quick, healthy snack all year round. The preparation is as simple as blending watermelon, honey and mint leaves in a processor and adding some yogurt till it’s perfectly smooth.

You can enjoy this lovely drink while reading or watching television on a lazy summer afternoon. Since it is an easy fix you can invite some family and friends and treat them with a refreshment.

Pina colada slush

It is a fancy tropical drink enjoyed by many. This pineapple smoothie is delicious and it will definitely leave you wanting for more. For this you need to get some fresh pineapple slices, pineapple juice and some cream. Mix the cream and juice in a blender and then add some pineapple pieces to it. In the end, add some yogurt and blend till its smooth. This will make a good drink for a pool side party. It is good to look at and even better to taste.

Cappuccino cooler

It is a perfect mix of coffee and chocolate. It is an amazing cooler and a coffee lover’s dream. It is sure to bring you instant refreshment and happiness. To prepare this you need to blend cold coffee, chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup in a blender. Pour this mixture in a glass over ice and top it with some whipped cream. It is the perfect recipe to energize and delight you on a hot and busy day. You can experiment with various types of coffees like Brazilian, African etc. You can also sprinkle some dark chocolate to make it more interesting and sinful.

Strawberry aqua fresca

Strawberry coolers are always exciting to enjoy. This one in particular is very special. Its excellence lies in its simplicity. For making this drink, you need to prepare a sugar syrup, blend some strawberries in a mixer. Combine the sugar syrup and strawberry puree with some lime juice and stir well. Add some ice and serve. This is the best recipe to beat the heat. It can be served on any occasion or you can even treat yourself without any reason.

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