Rice and Grains

Paella de Marisco: Spanish seafood rice recipe

Name of the dish: Paella de MariscoPaella is a dish which originated in the mid 19th Century at the Eastern Coast of Spain in Valenciana community. World’s largest paella was made by Chef Juan Galbis in 1992. This paella served 1,10,000 people and made

Want some simple cooking recipes?

I am a beginner in cooking and that’s why I am looking for some simple and easy cooking recipes which I can make in less time without much exertion. Tell me some recipes that are made using less ingredients and spices. I don’t have much knowledge abou

Can somebody help me with the list of starch foods?

I want to lose weight, and this is why I have decided to refrain from starch foods, as it is just not healthy to eat. Moreover, I want to plan my diet, and therefore, I need to eliminate starch foods from my food list. I want to know from you guys if anyo

Can somebody help me with a list of gluten free food?

My husband suffers from gluten allergy, and since I have to prepare food for both of us, I want to know about the list of gluten free food. Recently I came to know about some food, which contains hidden gluten in it, and this is why I am bothered about hi

How effective are carbohydrates foods to reduce weight?

My teenage daughter is on some low carbohydrate diet these days, and I am quite perplexed about this plan, as I have never come across a diet, in which one stops taking milk, and even fruits! I understand that carbohydrates is one of the major nutrients i

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