What is the use of adding pasta in minestrone soup recipe?

I love to have soups in winters as they keep you warm for long and they are also a good appetizer. My friend has told me about minestrone soup recipe which is made using pasta, beans and vegetables. I have never heard any soup recipe which I can make usin

Can you share some of your diet pumpkin soup recipes?

I’m not a cook, I don’t even like cooking. But nonetheless you know how everybody in the neighborhood has the great recipes that they can show off at every possible opportunity, well I don’t have one. And I have decided to make a diet pumpkin soup rec

How to make creamy coconut vegetable soup

Name of the recipe: Creamy carrot coconut soupMost of the vegetarian soups require soy or dairy milk for a creamy tropically flavored soy-free soup. But this vegan creamy coconut soup requires only coconut milk. The taste of this vegetable carrot soup is

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