Meat and Poultry

Korean Beef

This preparation of Korean beef is an easy and tasty recipe. Ingredients: 1. Half kg beef without bone, 2. Soy sauce – 2 tablespoon, 3. Sugar – 4 teaspoon, 4. 2 big size of garlic, 5. 4 onions, 6. Adjust …

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$332,000 Burger

$332,000 for a Burger! Yes, that is price of laboratory made test tube burger from cow’ stem cells. And the cooks are no ordinary chefs. They are stem-cell scientists who have prepared burger from meat grown in a laboratory.   …

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Adventurous Food: Dog meat to relish

The origin Dog meat stated as a popular cuisine in China. Later, in almost the similar time in history, it spread to countries like Mexico, Korea and Thailand. Now, it is eaten all over the world in many countries. The cuisine Dog meat refers to

Recipe: Cranberry Glazed Turkey meatballs to spice up your party

Meatballs are a special dish prepared from chopped meat rolled into small balls. Beef is the common meat used to prepare a meatball. At times spices, breadcrumbs, onions, eggs, cranberry, apple etc. are used along with meat to make the meatball more tasty

Adventure Food: Head cheese is not actually a cheese at all

The Origin Head cheese was originated in Europe around 1935-45. As per English usage, cheese is supposed to be a milk
product. ‘Head cheese’, for that matter, is not cheese at all since it
does not contain any milk. Head cheese is a meat jelly wh

Adventure Food: Eating fertilized egg as Balut

The Origin: Philippines A popular high protein snack savored across the Philippines as a street food and a beer-sides, balut is also a well known everyday food in many parts of South East Asia (including Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, etc.).The cuisin

Adventure food: Sheep head boiled, Pacha a great delight

Pacha comes from an authentic middle eastern or the Arabic cuisine (including the countries Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, etc). The middle eastern cuisine has always been charming and good to eat with those Arabic styled curries

Recipes: 5 Lip-smacking barbeque ribs recipes

Who would not like to savor some barbecue ribs? If you have been spending too much money to go to the restaurants and enjoy this super dish, it is time that you learn to make it at home. The best thing is that the dish can be cooked in a number of ways ac

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