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Nigella Lawson: What makes her so popular

Nigella Lawson is charismatic, intelligent, versatile and much more than just a food writer. She is UK’s most loved food writer and perhaps most admired woman on British TV. She looks gorgeous and charming while presenting her gourmet recipes on her TV sh

Ferran Adria: The master chef’s journey

Ferran Adria, is one of the world’s prominent figures of culinary/restaurant industry, since becoming the head chef at El Bulli. He is one of the most powerful and respected innovators the culinary world has ever witnessed. The star chef’s ceaseless quest

Top 10 celebrity chefs of the world

Chefs are getting very popular these days, with their appearances on TV shows and access to celebrity occasions. Their passion for food and dedication has won them worldwide applause as they share their recipes with millions of fans and prepare their culi

10 Great gift ideas for chefs

Have you ever been to a restaurant and relished the lip smacking, delicious food served there? If yes, then have you ever thought of thanking the chef who tried to please your sense of taste through his various innovative delicacies? Remember a lot goes i

6 Best cookbooks for families

Preparing dinner to the liking of everyone in the family is always a difficult feat to accomplish. Tastes tend to vary, one person’s favorite dish does not necessarily find favor with the others. Women in the family also have the additional responsibility

10 World’s most popular chefs

The chefs’ creative and open-minded way of food preparation, cooking and food presentation skills make them important. The chefs have a complete understanding of budgeting, stock market, how to set up a menu and price the items. In regard to health and hy

Is there any cooking academy for physically impaired people?

I would like to know from you guys if you know anything about the cooking academy for physically impaired people? If you do, then please inform me about it via this forum? Any and every information regarding it will be highly appreciated. Can you tell me

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