Different types of hot chocolate flavors to Keep you warm

hot chocolate flavors

Who don’t love chocolates? Everybody is crazy about chocolates from kids to adults. Here are the different types of hot chocolate flavors to keep you warm in winter. These unique hot chocolates will definitely warm up your coldest nights too. Besides its awesome taste, hot chocolate is also good for your health.

In general the authentic hot chocolates are made up of cocoa powder and some other anti-oxidants. Thus, the hot chocolates would be your best choice to protect your body cells. It is the Spanish which had brought this hot chocolate to Philippines some hundred years ago. However, Filipinos are the people who invented the distinct ways of using different ingredients in the desserts.

You can enjoy the hot chocolates not only during Christmas, but also all around the year. But these new hot chocolates recipes would definitely make your Christmas something special. So, do try these recipes in this holiday season to make your day filled with lots of happiness. So, why late have a look on the below recipes!

Traditionalistic hot chocolate and its recipe:

hot chocolate flavorsThis drink is more popular in Malate. In general most of the restaurants use Batirol, which is a spoon like wooden utensil for mixing the hot chocolate before serving it. Besides, most of the popular restaurants of the world use some ingredients like Tablea and Carabao milk for making the hot chocolate.
The first and foremost thing which you need to do is boil water. After this you need to add sugar, carabao milk, and tablea or cocoa balls. After adding all these ingredients, you need to mix the whole mixture for almost an hour by using the wooden utensil called Batirol. Now yummy and delicious  chocolate is ready!

Hot chocolate Pinoy-style:
Most of the hot chocolate lovers, loves the drink served in the café’s in Metro Manila. Now you can the taste of Manila’s hot chocolate in your home. You need to boil the water first. Secondly you need to add the tablea and milk to water. Now, you need to add some pinipig and nuts to this mixture of hot chocolate.

Hot choco Aztec:

This is hot chocolate which tastes so spicy. The specialty of this chocolate is that it is mixed with the nutmeg and chili flakes. Adding these chili flakes gives a very distinctive flavor. What all you need to do is, add chili flakes to the mixture of boiled water, tablea and milk.

Some more mouth watering hot chocolate flavors you can try

Does your family love hot chocolate? Would you like to give them a little fancy with it and have fun coming up with different hot chocolate flavors and combinations? With hot chocolate it is not only hard to mess up but it’s also a great way to have broods do some artistic food preparation!

Numerous varieties of hot chocolate recipes

hot chocolate flavorsRecipes like those with marshmallows and mint put together just the right feast for food and drink meant for your kiddos, while hot chocolate variants made with flavor of liquors are most apt for grownups for their festival celebrations and other occasions.

This hot chocolate recipe compendium includes various types of hot chocolate recipes like: cool mint hot chocolate recipe, raspberry hot chocolate recipes, cinnamon hot chocolate recipes and more.

Things you would need

For this you need medley of various coffee syrups. Some of the favorite essences are vanilla, caramel, peppermint, and raspberry. Let’s have a look at some of the favorite combinations. One may also like to mix a mug with half coffee and half flavored hot chocolate. Not only it contains fewer calories, but also tangs like a fancy coffee house delight.

Flavor of Cool Mint:

For this savor you need to mix either a splash of mint syrup or blend hot chocolate with a bonbon beater. When the chocolate liquefies, the mint essence will fill the hot chocolate. You can also make use of small sized mint toffees, which are incredible for this!

Flavor of Rich Caramel:

hot chocolate flavors

To make this rich in caramel hot chocolate, you need to add a splash of caramel syrup, or one teaspoonful or two of caramel ice-cream crowning. Instead of butterscotch grilling chips, or else a few caramel sugarcoats can also add magic to your recipe. It gives you the similar feeling as if you are enjoying a candy.

Flavor of Pinkish-Red Raspberry:

One can take pleasure of this pinkish red raspberry hot chocolate by adding a splash of raspberry coffee syrup, or mixing in few of those raspberry dolly candies. This makes an ideal Christmas time fantasy for raspberry and chocolate lovers.

Flavor of Lukewarm Cinnamon:

A pinch of cinnamon only brings in extra warmness required during the winter season. To make this add two cinnamons or sprinkle the cinnamon sugar mix powder to the hot chocolate and stir well until it dissolves. To enhance its taste, one can also add vanilla coffee syrup and enjoy the pleasant tasting vanilla cinnamon hot chocolate.

Serving Tip: 

Serve these delicacies with whipped cream on the top of hot chocolates. Kids will especially love it. Not only does it make the hot chocolates look lovely and gracious, but creates drink savor extra thick, creamy and yummy also.

Also try this recipe for candy bars, baking chips, crushed or whole flavored candies and sticks for varying the tastes. Although, you can make endless combinations, yet trying on these ones can make your family happy. So have fun in trying out!

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