Edible chocolate surfaces mimic textured textiles

Born out of the marriage of confectionery and textile development, the Edible Surfaces project was developed by Chocolátl, the premium chocolate retailer, in collaboration with textile studio Pinaki Studios based in London. The project basically comprises of edible chocolate that is shaped to appear like textile that has been embossed, creased and pleated. The edible chocolate surfaces were created using a clever mix of precise chemical processes, molding and temperature control. The team behind the project used pleated silk crepe and dyed it with natural rust to give it the semblance of chocolate to investigate the visual outcome of an edible chocolate surface.

The designers then created a number of molded chocolate surfaces that were made to appear like creased or pleated fabric. At the end of the meticulous process, the team ended up with several pieces of highly textured textiles as well as number of edible chocolate imitations that was rather indistinguishable from their textile counterparts. The collection was designed to highlight the crafting process that goes into the use of textiles as well as chocolate and the convergence of the two lets people explore their own passion for textile crafts as well as food. Sponsored by Rococo Chocolates, the chocolate and textile pieces from the Edible Surfaces project will be presented at the Dutch Design Week to be held in the last week of October.

Via: Moco Loco

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