How to make perfect and delicious chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffle is termed as a classic Valentine’s Day treat, since it is a good way to pamper your loved one. The flavor of the chocolate treat can last with you for days; this is why lovers around the world prefer to share the love with chocolate truffle. This is your time to surprise your loved one with special chocolate truffle – special because you are going to make it yourself. Here is how you can do it.

Points to Remember

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Before you start making chocolate truffles,these simple steps will proffer better and delicious results:

  • Melt small pieces of chocolate over simmering water
  • Add small amount of alcohol to give your truffles the right bitter flavor
  • Make a chocolate mixture that is not too dense. Chill it for a while and leave itout in room temperature for 20 minutes to soften.
  • Coveryour hands with cocoa powder slightly when you’re making chocolate truffles with hand.
  • For perfect round chocolate balls, take a teaspoon of mixture and roll it between palms and then cover it with selected coatings
  • Chilled truffles have different texture and flavor. So, once the chocolate balls are ready, pop them into the refrigerator for a couple of day

Step-by-step guide

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  • One and a half cups of chopped bittersweet chocolate
  • A tablespoon of unsalted butter
  • Half a cup of warmed cream
  • Salt (one-fourth of a teaspoon)
  • Sprinkles

Start by melting chocolate and butter in a heat-safe bowl, which isplaced over a pot of simmering water. Now add warmed cream and salt into the mixture and stir till it turns into a smooth mixture. Now, cover the mixture and refrigerate it untilthe truffle’sbatter is firm.

To achieve perfect round chocolate balls, scoop the chocolate batter onto a parchment-lined baking sheet.It is one of thecleanest ways of getting round chocolate truffles. But, one can also use hands to roll round truffle balls (you can ensure hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly).

For coating, set sprinkles in a small bowl. Now, roll each truffle in the sprinkles until they are fully coated and then place them on the baking sheet. Once coated with sprinkles, chill the truffles until they become firm and then transfer them to a sealed container.

Ensure the truffle balls are served at room temperature.

Make your loved ones feel special by baking them delicious chocolate truffle balls. And we assure you’ll bring smile to their face.

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