Recipe: How to make yummy bite-sized chocolate truffles

The recipe of chocolate truffle comes from France and Italy. The flavor of the finest chocolate, cream and alcohol makes chocolate truffles, really irresistible. It is true that these chocolates are very expensive when purchased from a store. However, they are very easy to make at home. So, your wait is over as you have this very simple, bite-sized chocolate truffle recipe given below. Take a look at the recipe and treat your family and loved-ones with mouth watering chocolate truffles.

Bite-sized chocolate truffles

a.Complexity level: Easy

b.Time taken: 5-6 hours


1. Bitter sweet chocolate about 230 grams. Make sure you use semi sweet or bitter sweet chocolates.

2. Doubled cream about 120ml

3. Unsalted butter about 2 tablespoon or 28 grams

4. A sauce pan

5. A bowl to mix

6. A small spoon to scope out the chocolate

7. Unsweetened Coco powder to dust

8. Powered nuts to dust

9. About 2 tablespoons of your favorite alcohol. If you don’t want to use alcohol, use flavors such as vanilla or strawberry


1. Get the ingredients ready

Keep all your ingredients ready. One thing that you need to remember is to purchase good quality chocolate. The better the chocolate, the better will your chocolate truffles taste.

2. Start with melting the cream and the butter

In a sauce pan add the doubled cream and the unsalted butter. Place the sauce pan on a medium high flame and bring the cream and the butter to a boil. Make sure you keep stirring the mixture till the butter melts in the sauce pan.

3. Pour the melted butter and cream on top of the chocolate

Before the cream boils take it off the flame and pour the mixture on top of the finely chopped chocolate. Let the cream settle on top of the chocolate for about 30 seconds to a minute.

4. Stir the mixture and get it ready

Make sure that air bubbles aren’t formed as you stir the mixture. It is possible that the chocolate does not melt completely. Just to make sure that the chocolate melts completely, microwave the mixture for about 25 to 30 seconds. Once the chocolate melts, add your favorite alcohol or your favorite flavor to the mixed chocolate and refrigerate the chocolate for a few hours till it is firm.

5. Scoop and dust the chocolate

Once the chocolate is firm, take it out of the refrigerator. With the help of a spoon, scoop out the chocolate from the bowl. Place the scooped chocolate on your palm and mold them into rough balls. To coat the balls, you can use the unsweetened coco powder. Place the ball on the coco powder and roll it around, till it is completed covered with coco dust. You can also dust these amazing chocolate balls with nuts.You can use pistachio, almonds or cashew nuts, anything you like.


You can use a piping bag instead of molding the chocolate balls with your hands. Pipe the lengthened chocolate on a tray and with the help of a knife cut them into bite size.

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