Amedei chocolate: What makes it the best?

Amedei, an Italian chocolate making company that was founded by Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri in 1990, is known for making the best chocolates in the world. Cecilia and Alessio had no prior chocolate making experience. They traveled across the world to find the best ingredients for their superb Italian chocolates. Amedei chocolate is a perfect combination of careful ingredient selection, a craft based careful chocolate production process, and creativity of the true chocolate lovers. Whether your preference is unique Porcelana or Chuao chocolate or truffles or pralines, Amedei is sure to have a selection to please you.


Amedei’s well-known excellence starts from the perfect combination of the ingredients. Moreover, the distinctive purity of recipes used in manufacturing and the intense care taken in making the final product add to their quality. Until now, amedei has created seven different varieties. The dark chocolate includes Toscano Black consisting of the 70 percent blend. For milk chocolate, it has Toscano Brown, which evinces the flavor and freshness of milk. Another chocolate that reflects the flavor of fresh milk is the Toscano white, a white chocolate filled with vanilla and honey aroma. Some varieties also feature the unique combinations of chocolates and fruits to a surprising effect. These include Toscano Blond and Toscano Red. The “9” chocolate brings together the cocoa of nine different plantations that amedei has discovered, tended and returned to the production year after year. From this mixture, Cecilia has created a well-balanced dark chocolate. The chocolate has a fresh aroma of cocoa and hot chocolate. The scent impressions in it develop into traces of citrus fruit and roasted sweet almonds.

Amedei searches the best cocoa plantations throughout the equatorial zone to satisfy their passion for making the best chocolate in the world. They use only the finest varieties of cocoa including highly aromatic Criollo and Trinitario, which are rarest and most prized. These cocoas were almost on the verge of extinction when amedei started to dedicate great care and attention to the revival and production of these varieties. Amedei selects only the best cocoa beans. In order to make some of their chocolates, Cecilia needed about 30 tests and up to 20 days of fine-tuning to achieve the desired quality and taste. Their agronomists control the cultivation of cocoa and the plantations done year around. They have adopted strict corporate policies and very fair conditions for the cocoa farmers.

Amedei differs from many other chocolate makers since they process the cocoa themselves. They control the fermentation, which is crucial to reducing the bitterness of the bean and releasing the basic aromas. This is followed by drying in the country of origin. Then beans are roasted in Italy so that the temperature can be controlled and they get time to extract the best from each type of cocoa. Then they conch the roasted beans for up to 3 days and temper the chocolate constantly to achieve the smooth texture and amazing mouth feel. The result is the most exceptional and the best world class chocolate.

The product that amedei is most proud of is perhaps the amedei porcelana. It is a 70 percent dark chocolate. Its subtle acidity gives it a defining freshness. It leaves the mouth completely clean and has an amazing taste. The Porcelana cocoa beans used have a white and translucent appearance. They are so rare that there is enough to produce only 3000 kilos of chocolate every year. Amedei produces only 20000 bars every year and number all of them on the back of the pack. The chocolate tastes sweet, rich, and smooth without the slightest hint of bitterness. The unmistakable toasted almond flavor improves the unique characteristics of this prized cocoa variety. Though it may be a little too expensive but it is absolutely worth the price. Amedei porcelana is said to be the most prized chocolate bar in the world. Amedei’s Porcelana is a special rarity and just weeks after they hit the stores, it becomes unavailable.

Amedei is known for manufacturing and promoting not only the best quality gourmet chocolate, but also the culture of chocolate tasting. It is the winner of one of the most prestigious awards, “the golden bean”, which proves its identity of best in the world. Amedei develops a close relationship with farmers to ensure that the quality of the beans they use is fully assured and up to the mark. It is a very young company but it has serious ambitions towards becoming a major force in the world of fine chocolates.

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