Top 20 chocolate brands for chocoholics to savor

At least once in life you must have been asked the question, what do you think is better – chocolate or sex? Addictive, sinful, tasty and enticing. That’s chocolate for you. Originally, there were few chocolatiers like Nestle and Cailler, but as more and

Can somebody help me with some unique Halloween cooking ideas?

My husband is quite excited about the Halloween party he has arranged for our 4 years old kid! He has prepared many things for Halloween party and I have thought to prepare some appetizers and snacks for kids. I have checked out some websites as well, how

Recipe: Chocolate Eclairs

The Chocolate Eclairs is one of the most famous dishes that is served in dessert in most countries in the world. It is basically a choux pastry filled with cream and topped with chocolate sauce. Choux is a kind of dough that only uses butter, water, flour

Recipe: Chewy chocolate cornflakes

So finally it’s your weekend. Time to wake up conveniently in the morning and laze around for a while. Spend till afternoon watching television in your favourite PJs and cuddling with your kids on the couch. Now its a very natural tendency to feel bored a

Could someone give me tips on healthy lunch recipes for kids?

I prefer my child taking lunch from home. My kid is 13 year old and he just binges on junk food almost every evening. I am quite worried about his health and I want to prepare something healthy for lunch for him. Could someone please tell me about tips on

10 ways to have a chocolate breakfast

Have a sweet tooth? How about beginning a sweet morning with a chocolaty breakfast? Now, that’s news for your sweet tooth. But, yes, it’s true that you can begin your day with chocolates. Chocolates (especially dark Chocolates) are known to be a rich sour

Which is the best high calorie food?

I am very weak person because I do not like to eat much. One of my friend told me that I should eat high calorie food if I am eating less food. I want to know which is the best high calorie food to eat. I want the name of the food. I also want to know ho

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