How to bake brownies

There were times when birthday parties meant baking cakes. Now, brownies have taken over chocolate cakes. The brownies were chiefly an American invention. Brownies are an anytime temptation. Many people prefer having them as my midnight snack. Its texture

Basic steps in baking cake

Baking a cake is not a hard thing to do but it needs some planning and organization. The steps involved in making a cake varies significantly depending on the type of the cake and the recipe that you want to follow. However, just keep the following points

Baking bread at home in simple steps

Making bread is no rocket science; you can prepare fresh bread at home by playing with the three basic ingredients, which are flour, yeast, and liquid. Making bread at home is both fun and exciting. Read on to learn how you can prepare bread at home, foll

Basic types of cakes

Can you think of any celebration sans cake? No, right? But how many of us are fully aware of the types of cake? Cake baking is an art and it deserves to be known. There exist plethora of cake varieties and diverse ways of categorizing them. Professional

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