Rainbow pinwheel cookies for color rich meal

The rainbow pinwheel cookies are served especially in festive season, when people love to have bright colors and sweets. Cookies are said to have originated back in the medieval period in Europe. The Germans and the Dutch later added different designs an

Recipe: Making mouth watering lemon coconut cupcakes

Lemon coconut cupcakes Just hearing the name of this dish is like a wave of new hope. Lemon with its tangy refreshing citrus scent and coconut with the mild white flakes blend together in this dish. Unbelievably easy to make and surprisingly it doesn’t ca

Recipe: Sugar coated chocolate crinkles

Chocolate crinkles are a Swiss recipe. These cookies are soft fudge like in taste. What makes these chocolate crinkles really special is the crisp and cracked sugar coating on them. The cracks occur because of baking the cookies. And of course you can use

Tempting caramel italian cream cake

Caramel Italian Cream Cake is of Italian origin and made from finely chopped pecans, shaved coconuts, granulated sugar, firmly packed dark brown sugar, vanilla extract, sweetened flaked coconut, buttermilk, etc. The dish provides the much needed alternati

Low fat cheese cake: Delicious and healthy as well

Cheese cake is one of the rich desserts which are mostly loved by
children. But most of the times you hide your temptation to eat cheese
cake due to high calories in it. If you want to add this rich desert in
your favorite recipes, don’t stop your to

Seven Low Fat Cake Recipes

If you want to cut down on fat without compromising on your cake intake, low-fat cakes are there to help you out.These cakes not only taste good but also give you a healthy feeling, and of course you can have some bigger pieces too. Made from fruits, low-

How to make eggless chocolate truffle cake

Name of the dish – Eggless chocolate truffle cake IntroductionIf you don’t eat cake because of egg in it, then you should not hide your temptation for cake. You can easily prepare your chocolate truffle cake without egg. It is one of the most delicious

10 Best cookies to make this Christmas

Christmas is the festival of cookies and is one of the most favorite festivals in terms of celebration and having fun with family and friends. The cookies make the most of the Christmas eve and there are plenty of cookies being served all over the world o

Can one get inspired to make pizzas from pizza cooking games?

Can one get inspired to make pizzas from pizza cooking games? What do you think about it? Well, I did for sure got the inspiration and want to make pizzas professionally. The only problem is, how, how do I do so? I have completed my school and now want to

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