Meat and Poultry

Try thousand-year-old eggs for a wacky tinge

The origin: China The cuisine Thousand-year-old eggs make a special dish in most parts of China. They make it by covering the raw duck eggs in a special mixture made of ash, clay, straw, quicklime and salt. The eggs are left to stay for some weeks o

Adventure Food: Fried Tarantulas make a perfect snack

The origin: Skuon (Cambodia) The Cuisine Fried spider is a popular and favorite dish is Cambodia. They are a specialty snack that also attract the tourist population here. They are also bred in special holes in the villages of north Skuon. According

5 Fantastic steak recipes for an authentic meal

These are 5 succulent steak recipes that are really easy to make. They can be prepared in 30 minutes on an average. Delectable veggies are used in these recipes, adding fiber to the high protein meal. Some of the steak recipes are also served with bread

Is Gazpacho apt for the parties?

I am so confused on what to select for the promotion party of my husband. I have decided to cook all the dishes by myself to make him feel more special and salute his hardwork. I want to practice hard and perfect the dishes prior to the day. What do you t

5 Great ways to prepare mouthwatering goat meat

Goat meat comes under the classification of red meat though they are leaner and contain less fat, calories and cholesterol. ‘Kambing’ in Philippines, ‘Cabrito’ in Spain-goat meat is pretty popular throughout the world for its delectable tastes.

How to get free food?

I have recently watched the show TLC where the people were getting free food on the show. Even I want to donate the goods to my local food pantry. So I was looking for some advice on it. Can anyone please guide me about this?

How to cook lamb in slow cooker?

I have recently bought a slow cooker, as I intend to prepare some healthy and scrumptious recipes on Thanksgiving Day. I would like to know about this classic recipe of slow cooked lamb because my father loves this recipe, and he is coming to stay with me

Can somebody help me with some delicious chicken food recipes?

My husband is an avid chicken lover, and the coming Thanksgiving Day, he wishes me to prepare chicken food recipes for the entire week, as all his friends and family would be pouring in. I would really like to know about some delicious chicken food recipe

Where can one get the best online cooking games?

My daughter has told me a lot of things about online cooking games, as her friends play them at home. Therefore, I also want to know the best online cooking games now. I want to know about various cooking games online, and how do they work! I want to know

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