Meat and Poultry

What should I call food in Spanish?

I am a Spanish guy, but then I don’t know how to speak in my dialect from the beginning I have been speaking English. So, Spanish is more or less like a foreign language for me. My mother has kept a Spanish maid at our house whom she got with her from Spa

What are the different kinds of bbq food?

I have invited some of my friends at my house for a small party. I had promised that after the exams get over they will all get a party at my house. I have planned to cook some bbq food. It is a hot favorite among so many boys and girls. The party will be

Could somebody help me with thanksgiving food recipes?

Its a tradition in my husband’s family that the man would slice the turkey and his wife would prepare it for the family on the Thanksgiving Day. I recently have got married, and its time for me and my husband to follow the tradition! I know about one or t

How to choose lean meat?

Are you bored of knowing and having chicken as the only lean meat source? There are plenty of other tasty options that are just as nutritious. There are many reasons to include meat in your diet. First of all, lean meats are a phenomenal source of protein

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