Carnivores should make friends with their food

These days there are pet societies, the trend is on a high of keeping pets at home. This re-iterates the fact that we all love animals, at least are pets. Then what makes us slaughter them just to satisfy our taste buds? The answer probably lies in the answer to the question that, what kind of animals are the ones we love to keep as pets and which animals are the one which we love to eat? Interesting, but it is a truth that these are two separate classes of animals.

What we love to eat and what not?

We sure do not like to eat our dogs and cats. But we love to keep them as pets in our homes. We love to eat pig meat, beef meat, goat meat, chicken, ham and we certainly do not keep these at home as pets. These are kept and fed in the poultry farms only to be slaughtered. But why is it, that some animals have an instant and inherent appeal with people, whereas others don’t. it is probably, the different levels at which animals connect with humans. Dogs without a doubt top the list in this category. Surely, we find pigs and goats dirty and unhygienic to be loved and connect to. But the irony is, we simply love to eat their meat.

So, carnivores sure make friends with their food, but in their own strange way. It is more a friendship of convenience. We love our dogs and cats so we do not slaughter them to satisfy our taste buds. But we also love our goats and pigs, but we love their meat and its taste. However, the theory of ability to connect with humans may not be totally true. What then, would we say about cats who are least attached to humans or anyone, except for their fooding and petting needs. Why are we so much attached and attracted to certain wild animals and not all of them? We love certain birds and are almost scared of some of them.

Message from animal associations

We have these animal rights associations, who insist people go vegan and also educate on how healthy being vegan is. Well, the statement is quite controversial and debatable. But if we see the funny bone, carnivores sure make friends with their food. On a serious note, it is all about looking after these animals and letting them grow, protecting them. It is not about slaughtering and eating them.

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