$332,000 Burger

$332,000 for a Burger! Yes, that is price of laboratory made test tube burger from cow’ stem cells. And the cooks are no ordinary chefs. They are stem-cell scientists who have prepared burger from meat grown in a laboratory.


The team at Maastricht University in Netherlands led by Mark Post developed the burger hoping that making meats in laboratory could hope feed the world and fight climate change. Mark made the meat from the muscle cells of organic cows. These cells were put into solution to make them grow into muscle tissue. Thousands of such strands were used to make 140 gram patty. This patty was mixed with egg powder, bread, salt & beet juice to make them tasty and provide authentic beef color. Two volunteer’s bite the hamburger in London in public frying on hamburger said that it had the texture of meat but was short of organic flavor.


The project’s bill was funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. PETA had also supported this lab-meat initiative. Experts say that this will also help to eradicate human diseases contacted from livestock & will also aid in controlling fat content in the meat. It may start a food revolution in itself once artificial meat products become commercially viable in nearly ten years.


This cultured meat was developed after 5 years of research and is a key step toward making lab meat a culinary phenomenon.

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