Adventure food: Sheep head boiled, Pacha a great delight

Pacha comes from an authentic middle eastern or the Arabic cuisine (including the countries Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, etc). The middle eastern cuisine has always been charming and good to eat with those Arabic styled curries and clay oven roasted meat. Yet, this special delicacy could be counted as one of the rare middle eastern delicacies which could almost terrify anyone else from any other part of the world! Pacha, nonetheless has always been a feast food to most people in the Iraq since ages.


The Origin: Iraq

The wacky tinge (What’s strange and unique about it)

If you missed the picture shown above, look carefully. It’s a sheep’s head! Yes! While the people living across the rest of the world enjoy the juicy goat meat and sheep meat, Pacha is celebrated as rare delicacy of the Arabic cuisine, which is what, is unique about the dish. Another charm that adds on to the wacky tinge of this adventure food is that it is served with stuffed sheep stomach and the bread soaked in the broth that had built up during the boiling of the sheep head. Now, that sure can fill many with disgust! Yet, for a food adventurist, it is a description well enough for them to try out Pacha and thrill themselves!


The major ingredients you would require to prepare pacha is Sheep’s (or goat’s or lamb’s) head, the stomach (cleaned and processed under sanitary measures), lamb meat, rice, onions, tomatoes, water for boiling and bread. You are free to choose from the several seasoning options that are available including pepper, herbs, etc.


So, how do we cook Pacha? Well, there is nothing much, indeed, that you would be required to do.

a. Just boil the water and immerse the sheep head so that it is totally dipped in the water.

b. Bring the water to boil. You can even add salt in the water for taste. Boil until the meat has become tender and could be cut out using a table knife.

c. Take the head out with the froth covering the parts of the head.

d. Now for your own interest, you can even try out bar be cue with the sheep head but they do not practice it authentically.

e. For sides, stuff the sheep stomach with steamed rice and the sheep meat pieces before you sew it up.

f. The pacha is now ready to be dressed with your favorite seasoning and served with tomato and onion salad. You can also serve the bread in the sides.

Health Benefits

Pacha is simply the sheep meat and has been found to be rich in selenium which can prevent asthma attacks. Pacha could also be a rich source of protein. So, it’s healthy, its sheep meat and if you can skip the notion of eating the head, it’s a must try for all the adventurist folks out there.

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