Can you share some of your soup diet recipes?

I’m not a cook, I don’t even like cooking. But nonetheless you know how everybody in the neighborhood has the great recipes that they can show off at every possible opportunity, well I don’t have one. And I have decided to make a soup diet recipe as m

Stay healthy with 10 best vegetarian soups

Vegetarian soups are nutritious and help one to maintain good health. These soups are easy to make and take little of your time. They taste good and are very advantageous for the health if one tries to include them in their daily meal once a day. They are

How to make chicken and dumpling soup?

The chicken and dumpling soup is a very popular dish in south and west United States. It is believed that it is a French-Canadian meal which originated during the Great Depression. Dumpling is a mixture of flour, shortening and water/milk. Chicken and dum

How to make Mexican pumpkin soup with chorizo?

Mexican pumpkin soup with chorizo originated from Mexico, which was home to the Aztec, Zapotec and Mayan civilizations who had well developed agricultural practices. The history of Mexican food ingredients dates back to 1519 and beyond, where their staple

Want some soup recipes to try at home my self?

I love to have soups in winters as they keep you warm for long and they are also a good appetizer. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the name of the soups that I can make in winters and they are really good for winter’s time. Also tell me which are

Easy recipe for tasty Thai tuna soup

Thai tuna soup is quite popular because of its balance of spicy, sweet, salty and sour flavor. It is generally prepared in winters to give warmth to the body and is effective in flu or cold. You can take it as an appetizer or can take it with noodles or r

Deliciously nutritious turkey soup for winters

Nowadays, homemade soup recipes have become increasingly popular and they are extremely adaptable too. Turkey soup has become popular as a low-fat diets. It is a nutritious winter meal. It contains lots of vegetables which are good sources of vitamins an

10 Soups that help you lose weight

We’ve all seen the commercial which says ‘soup is good food’! And it’s true, soup is good for your health, unless it contains a load of preservatives and sodium. Soup is definitely the perfect meal if you can take the trouble to prepare the vegetables and

Recipe for Stuffed Quail Gumbo

The stuffed Quail Gumbo is a main course dish from the french cuisine or rather, to be more precise, the Cajun Cuisine. Quail, when literally translated means “duck” (although chicken is often used) and Gumbo is meant to be soup (kind of thin gravy) in th

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