Stay healthy with 10 best vegetarian soups

Vegetarian soups are nutritious and help one to maintain good health. These soups are easy to make and take little of your time. They taste good and are very advantageous for the health if one tries to include them in their daily meal once a day. They are low in calories, fat and sodium and are rich in nutrients, proteins and vitamins. These ensure smooth functioning of body organs. A lot can be experimented keeping in view one’s taste as they help in maintaining a good physique and also help to reduce weight. For those who feel there are only tomatoes for soup, here we list down few to change your mind.

1. Creamy carrot coconut soup:

It is a treat for Vegetarians. It has been the top favorite among those who love food. It is a superb blend of carrot soup and coconut milk.

2. Quick vegetarian black bean soup:

It is easy, takes little time, is healthy and low in fat content. Your family is all set to have this bowl of warm soup in just 15 minutes! It contains fiber and proteins. It can be made vegan by not adding cheese and cream.

3. Easy cabbage and cilantro soup:

It is made of cilantro with hot sauce. It is fat free and has less calorie content. Cabbage known for its rich nutrient content makes it healthier. One can add some spices or other ingredients according to the taste.

4. Crockpot vegetarian split pea soup:

When it comes to soup making, Crockpot is the best option. For vegetarians, one can add spices, sage, thyme and bay leaves for taste. It is low in cholesterol and fat content. It is preferred by people who want to recover from ailments. There’s something for Non Vegetarians too, you can add ham for taste and flavor.

5. Vegetarian lentil soup:

Lentil soup is famous among people of all tastes. It is easily available in the usual grocery shops. It is simple to make and takes less time. It contains proteins and fiber. One can add bay leaves, thyme and spices as per taste and flavor. Even if included daily in the meal doesn’t bore people.

6. Basic vegetarian miso soup:

It is easy and quick to prepare. People can use it for breakfast too. One can experiment by adding various vegetables and spices. This soup is the simple form of Classic Miso Soup.

7. Vegetarian bean and barley soup:

It can be served not just as a soup or starter but as a meal too. It is made of barley. One can add vegetables ranging from peas to green beans in it. Even corns taste well. Even some leftover in the freeze of the other day can be added. Several ingredients can be added to the soup depending upon one’s taste.

8. Thai coconut and vegetable soup:

It’s a traditional dish, made by adding chicken and spices like lemongrass and galangal. For getting the Thai flavor cayenne, lime and cilantro are also added. You can even add coconut soup and sautéed tofu.

9. Chinese hot and sour soup:

It can be preferred as a light meal. It can be eaten at any hour of the day. It’s a Taiwanese recipe famous among the army.

10. Vegetarian pumpkin soup:

If served warm and garnished, nothing can please you more. It’s the best option during holidays. This is made with pumpkin by spicing it with nutmeg. The pumpkin is pureed not used as a fresh one.

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