Salad Sicilia

Salad Sicilia is one of those salads you might reckon for once you have had it. It is a crunchy salad, full of colorful ingredients which not only make it look yummy but also healthy. On having the salad, you might consider yourself reliving history, because Sicilian cuisine has a history which started in around 735 BC, when the Greeks landed on the Ionian coast in Sicily and carried ingredients like wine, honey, olives and ricotta. Sicilian cuisine has been always known for its simplicity yet appetizing.appeal. This salad recipe takes a very less time to be completed, as is characteristic of typical Sicilian cuisine, and you will be just ready with a bowl of healthy salad. The ingredients are simple and easily available. So what are you waiting for? Just grab this recipe and try it out at home.

The salad is quite a simple job to make and takes an approximate time of 20 minutes for preparation. The ingredients of this salad, which may be consumed by around 4-6 people, include

· 1 small head of radicchio.

· 1 bunch of arugula

· 1 head of fennel

· 1 head of chicory

· 1 apple which may preferably be sour

· 1-2 carrots

· 4-5 small radishes

· 2-3 oranges

· 1 handful of pistachios which may be skinned or without skin

· 1 handful of almonds- skinned or without skin

· White wine vinegar

· Olive oil

· Black pepper, ground

· Salt

· Sugar

· Fresh ricotta or soft goat cheese, which is optional and a must avoid if you are into a weight loss program.

The first thing that you need to do before you start off is to wash all the fresh ingredients. Separate limp from the radicchio and chicory leaves and then cut them into thin strips. Add the arugula, cut into thick stems, along with them. Cut the fennel into quarters, then trim and finally shave them as thinly as possible. Cut the apples into quarters and then shave them as well. You need not peel them. Shave the radishes as well and cut the carrots into julienne. After peeling off the oranges, fillet them and then cut them into small chunks. Gently mix all of these ingredients together.

For the dressing part, use the orange juice preserved during the fillet process, vinegar, lots of olive oil, pepper, salt, sugar and then incorporate them well into the salad.

For the garnishing, transfer the salad into a large plate. Sprinkle it with chopped nuts and some crumbled cheese. Your salad is ready to be served.

With such easy steps, you can create an awesome Salad Sicilia at home with ingredients that are easily available. It would certainly be a great delight to have a thing at home which you generally eat out.

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