Understanding the common mistakes while preparing salads


Salads are always expected to be something light, with bright colours and full of proteins, vitamins and low fats. But most of the times; it happens that people commit some common mistakes while preparing salads. They may end up choosing high calorie or fats containing food items. This is why it is important to understand how to avoid fattening salads and keep the calorie and fat content under control in your salads. Here are some methods of making salads the healthy way, which you can practically put to use in daily life. 

Mayo-based salads:

Mayo-based-saladsMany people resort to a salad bar-cafeteria for having different kinds of salads. But you must know that they are not actually salads because they contain a lot of ingredients which can increase your fat and calorie levels to great heights. While making salads the healthy way, you can choose to prepare your own salad with healthy vegetables and dressings.

In this way, you can minimise the common mistakes while preparing salads. You would know what you are using and to what extent. This is why it is important that one stay away from mayo-based salads as much as possible. If you have to include mayonnaise in your salad, browse through the ingredients and select the one with the most advantageous factors that will add to the overall salad.

Bland salads:

It is very important to make your salads look attractive with beautiful colours from natural foods all while avoiding the common mistakes while preparing salads. Also, your salad must have a mixture of the right kind of flavours. Try to add protein to your diet by adding pieces of chicken, meat, or fish like tuna or salmon.

These contain omega 3 and are pretty important for the human body. Even avocados and seeds are full of proteins. Add such toppings and dressing to your otherwise bland, simple but tasty salad in order to bring out its flavour and appearance without having to reduce it in nutrition in any way. This will reduce the effects of making a salad wrong.

Excluding veggies:

veggiesWe all agree with the fact that a salad is all about healthy vegetables and fruits. Moreover, one may not know how to avoid fattening salads. However, people are continuing to do the mistake of adding up everything in the salad except for vegetables.

If you do not like all kind of veggies, go for the ones that you prefer. Some good alternatives for green leafy vegetables to avoid common mistakes while preparing salads are celery or spinach, carrots, beetroots, and tomatoes. Whatever the case may be, never exclude vegetables from your salad since then it will lose most of its nutrition.

Including iceberg lettuce:

Iceberg lettuce has two limitations; it has no taste, nor does it contain a lot of nutrients in the first place. So, in case you are looking for something full of nutrients, opt for dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, arugula, and kale. There are many more effects of making a salad wrong that can be added to this list.

Forgetting fresh fruits:

fresh-fruits-saladNowadays, speaking of fruits, people usually think about dried cranberries or raspberries since they are rich in colour and flavour. It is important to know that the fresh fruits such as strawberries and kiwis contain water, which is very essential for a healthy body. Both the fruits, fresh as well as dried ones, have an extraordinary flavour.

However, the fresh ones must be your first choice. Make sure you include majorly fresh fruits in your salad to get rid of the common mistakes while preparing salads. Because otherwise, you’d only be contributing to your ill health and not to the betterment of it.

Not tossing it:

People having salads regularly are familiar with the situation where some pieces of the salad are totally drenched in the dressing whereas the other ones are left dry. Many people commit the mistake of pouring the contents of the salad into a bowl and then dressing it with olive oil or vinegar. Toss your salad in order to avoid this situation.

It is very important to toss your salad in a systematic manner with the help of some forks or tongs, which would give a pleasant finish to your salad. Always try to keep your salad as simple as possible. Try to avoid turning your healthy salads into unhealthy ones. Ensure that it has the required flavour and textures for becoming a better salad that has the potential to meet your needs.


It is true that salads are meant to increase your chances of having a good health; and reducing the possibility of falling prey to cardiovascular disorders and cholesterol issues. However, going that extra mile and taking care of the ingredients in your salad will ensure that you don’t end up making common mistakes while preparing salads and have a better chance at good health than your peers. All you need to do is learn to make salads the healthy way, and pay attention to what you are eating in the name of salad, and everything else will land into place. In fact, this can become a healthy and nutritional lunch options for your kids.

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