El Refolo: A Venetian paradise

El Refolo, the famous Venetian restaurant, is a happening hangout joint which was originally named for a play by Amalia Rosselli, the emancipated lady of 20th century. El Refolo is a Venetian word which essentially means “the breeze”. The joint is mor

10 Must-see pubs in Dublin

Pubs in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, are like Christmas presents. This is the best place in order to wind down stressful day or to have get-together after exams. If new to the city, one should not miss out the local folk songs. Irish pubs blend l

10 Haunted restaurants in New Orleans

New Orleans, located in South-Eastern Louisiana, has a rich heritage of cuisines, heart filling music and hurricanes. Sometimes it’s very difficult to believe in ghosts till the time you have any experience, may be good or bad. But, eating with few uninvi

5 Eminent restaurants in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is known for its truly amazing restaurants. If you ever get to visit Thailand, don’t miss the chance to taste delicious dishes of the spectacular restaurants at these precise places. Here are the five most renowned restaurants in Phuket. While so

5 Topmost restaurants in Delhi

India is truly incredible for its amazing s. While it comes to talk about the best restaurants in Indian, we must mention the name of Delhi, the capital of India. Delhi has a number of flawless as well as flavorsome restaurants that pull towards the attra

Is Yorkshire pudding a traditional British food?

I wanted to try some British food and have decided on the Yorkshire pudding. What do you think, is Yorkshire pudding a traditional British food? I have come to know that this dish is not eaten as a dessert but instead as part of the main course or as a st

Can someone share the details about restaurant cooking game?

Well, I like cooking activities and enjoy my mom’s company in my kitchen. Recently, I have come to know about restaurant cooking games for girls. I have never played such games before, so I have a great nosiness about them. Do you have the detail about

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