10 Haunted restaurants in New Orleans

New Orleans, located in South-Eastern Louisiana, has a rich heritage of cuisines, heart filling music and hurricanes. Sometimes it’s very difficult to believe in ghosts till the time you have any experience, may be good or bad. But, eating with few uninvited spirits watching you while you enjoy your romantic dinner will be something you will not afford to miss. It is difficult to go far without finding a haunted dining place in New Orleans. Here is a list of top 10 haunted restaurants in New Orleans.

1. Arnaud’s restaurant

The 80 year old restaurant is believed to be haunted by Arnaud’s ghost to make sure that everything runs in order and the restaurant still maintains high service standards just as he liked.

2. Brennan’s restaurant

The place is haunted by the ghost of Chef Paul Blange, who succeeded in making the most outstanding dishes in this restaurant. The chef is often rumored to be noticing the staff in the kitchen watching them and banging the doors.

3. Muriel restaurant

This restaurant is believed to be preoccupied by the ghost of Antoine Jourdan. According to the legend, Jourdan took his own life on the second floor which was once his home because he lost in a poker game. Paranormal activities like knocks on the wall and female voices have been heard.

4. La Louisiane restaurant

This restaurant is haunted by the ghost of Mrs. LeDoux, who helped poor women. Her ghost was mostly seen in the 1960s by the bunnies in the playboy club next to the restaurant.

5. Antoine’s restaurant

This place is haunted by the ghost of Antoine and his family. The restaurant was later handled by his wife and then by their son. After the death of entire family, diners report that their ghost are seen watching over its fine dining.

6. Café Du Monde

It is opened throughout the year except for Christmas and on a hurricane day. It is believed to be haunted by vampires and zombies, and people have seen them gazing toward the Mississippi river.

7. Pat O’Brien’s

A bar and restaurant that has a ghostly reputation of being haunted. Strange spots and footsteps have been noticed by the staff in the piano bar. Ladies have also heard sounds of laughing and sighing in the side stalls of the restroom.

8. The Bombay Club restaurant

The bar as well as the kitchen is haunted by the ghost of a lady. She is often seen bumping into people and then disappearing. Various unproved instances have taken place in the restaurant.

9. Louis XVI restaurant

This restaurant serves a fabulous combination of French cuisine and fine wines since 1971. The staff has noticed unexplained activities like opening and closing of doors, turning the temperature of the stove, etc on its own.

10. The Court of Two Sisters

This restaurant was owned by two sisters, Emma and Bertha. They were believed to have lived together in life as well as after death and were also buried together. They are often spotted sitting together at a table.

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