El Refolo: A Venetian paradise

El Refolo, the famous Venetian restaurant, is a happening hangout joint which was originally named for a play by Amalia Rosselli, the emancipated lady of 20th century. El Refolo is a Venetian word which essentially means “the breeze”. The joint is more of a place for lunch or quick supper or an aperitif rather than any formal engagement for dinner.

El Refolo Venetian restaurant

Why Choose El Refolo?

If you are a visitor in Venice, there is a possibility that you may not venture further than Arsenals. This will lead to an incomplete Venetian vacation without any flavor of the authentic and old city. Via Garibaldi presents to the tourists a wide scope to experience and live the life of real Venetians as they go about buying vegetable, fruits from the vendors of the street market or boat shops. While the children are playing in the gardens the Venetians enjoy a quick drink and bite in wine bars like El Refolo. Located in the neighborhood of eastern suburbs of Venice, this bar is generally packed with boisterous music during Biennale. The exact location of the bar is on the street of Via Garibaldi in Castillo, Venice.

This paradise is presided by Jovial Massimiliano who has the great talent of pairing good wine with seasonal vegetables, meats and savory cheese. You can enjoy the ambiance and crowd at this Venetian eatery as well as wine bar by bagging a stool and a table anywhere on the payment. Generally this place has a long queue of guests waiting for their turn to be served, but the food is worth the wait. The bar is open on all days except Sunday. The time of serving is from 9:30am to 12:30am. This eatery accepts credit cards and unlike the summer has shorter opening hours in winter. Though reservations are usually dissuaded.

Amazing food and titillating drinks

This wine bar is a must stop for a glass of wine and the amazing sandwiches, filled rolls, the evolving dishes of pasta with better inventions which tend to keep the customers hungry for more . You can even try the Italian beer from the micro breweries which the restaurant serves. The eatery has also a wide range of mixed salads which it creatively serves its customers in the late months of summer. The food is mainly Italian in nature and the eatery serves lunch, breakfast and dinner too.

Budget and other issues

While the food might taste amazing, it will be a relief to know that the cost of these delicacies is within the budget range of students, tourists and visitors looking for quick, tasty and inexpensive snack. The price you end up paying for the food greatly depends on one’s consumption.

Ambiance and service provided

The ambiance of the wine bar is friendly and extremely laid back. In the background are the soothing live music performances with which one can hear the calm humming of healthy conversation and laughter. El Refolo usually has live music on almost all Fridays of the months of May, September, June as well as October. While on other evenings one can hear the loud banging of jazz. Usually the crowd at this joint consists of the local population, certain tourists adventurous enough to venture this side of the town and the appreciators of Biennale art forms during the period when art and architecture shows are presented to audiences.

An important point to note is that since most of the seating arrangement and activities of the hangout take place out on the street, the weather has a great role to make your El Refolo experience worth remembering. The opening times as well as events of the restaurant are also greatly affected by the weather. The wine bar just has a small counter to order one’s choice of food and drink, rest of the arrangements are on the street. The service of the staff at the eatery is affable and fairly quick taking in fact the number of customers and the constant rush especially on the weekends and festival season.

If you are a true adventurer searching for the correct Venetian way of life, food and drinks then hit El Refolo for some native interaction and some great food. We guarantee that you won’t regret your evening spent in this Venetian paradise.

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