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How to preserve zucchini for later use

Zucchini is a summer vegetable and carries lots of nutritious value. Along with other ingredients, zucchini is often used to bake zucchini bread. Along with flavor and food value, zucchini bread adds extra nutrition to your regular meal. It can be used a

5 Luxury cruises with best restaurants

People who love to spend their vacations in cruise have a thing or two to rejoice about. The food scene on the cruise circuits have undergone a facelift over the past few years. Top luxury liners are now luring more customers by concentrating their focus

5 Steps to better cocktails

If you are always disappointed with your mixing skills and wish that you had what it takes to be a fabulous bar tender then read on. It depends on the little things that are very important for a great cocktail. Follow the tips below and soon people will b

How to brew a beer at home

If your birthday is approaching and you want to surprise your friends while they are planning a surprise party for you, I have an idea. How interesting it would be if you could brew beer at home? It is an easy process and it is better than what you can ge

3 Tips to serve perfect green cocktails

Green cocktails are not only really exquisite to look at but they are becoming an indispensable part of several “green” themed parties. St. Patrick’s Day is not complete without a sip of these green beauties. However making and serving perfect green cockt

5 quick ways to delicious fish-dish

If you are an ardent fish lover then you are aware that fish has its own aroma and taste. It’s tender than meat and doesn’t require a lot of intense marinating prior to cooking. So you may say that less work gives a better meal as far as fish is concern

5 easy to make salads

Be it for a barbecue, picnic, or an outdoor party, it is always fun to tempt your guest with lip smacking side dishes. The best part about having salads is that they are appealing to all people irrespective of their taste and diet. Salads can be something

5 Easy and quick corn recipes

There is nothing more delightful than settling into a summer evening with family or friends with a nicely done corn on the cob. Corn in all its form works wonders in transforming the taste and texture of all preparations that it is added to. With the adva

10 Beers to keep you cool in summers

There’s nothing better than gulping down a can or bottle of chilled beer on a hot summer’s day. With so many types of beer on offer, there are definitely a lot of options – starting from the bitter to the more fruitier. Listed below are ten refreshing bre

10 quick dinner ideas for summer

Summer is the time when cooking in the kitchen is like torture. As it is dealing with the heat is unbearable, and cooking during summer becomes quite difficult for a lot of people. So the best things you need are quick dinner ideas. Here are a few quick c

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