5 quick ways to delicious fish-dish

Quick fish recipes

If you are an ardent fish lover then you are aware that fish has its own aroma and taste. It’s tender than meat and doesn’t require a lot of intense marinating prior to cooking. So you may say that less work gives a better meal as far as fish is concerned. If you have fish in the refrigerator and less time on your hands then go for these quick fixes.

1. Grill the fish

These recipes are fast and fun to eat and you can have excellent fish with vegetables too. No wonder it’s healthier. You may use a gas grill as a charcoal one is cumbersome. Have a spray water bottle handy to ease fire ups. Use barramundi and halibuts and brush them with oil. This shall hold the moisture and use thicker cuts when you choose the fish.

2. Steam the fish

This is a good low fat option as the fish remains moist and the flavor doesn’t get disturbed. You may use an electric steamer or a bamboo one. Use lettuce or parchment that is well oiled so that it doesn’t get sticky. You may also add spices like bay leaves as well as any leftover stock that you may have.

3. Stir fry it

This is another quick way of cooking fish as all the action is in one pan. You must have a good pan with a spatula. It’s important to get everything ready before you stir fry or else you may burn things. Cut the fish in small cubes to ease out the process. Also cook the fish separately and then mix it with the other ingredients.

4. Broil it

This is the fastest you can cook fish as the color formed is fabulous and turning isn’t necessary. Great for cooking good fillets. Any baking pan is good enough for broiling or a low pan for broiling. You also need mittens to avoid getting burnt. You must preheat the pan and spray oil and place on low heat. If it’s electric then the lowest heat setting shall suffice or else it may burn. Never look away from the fish as it may burn easily.

5. Microwave the fish

If messy isn’t your style and you hate complications then microwave the fish. You must use the right utensils that are microwave safe to avoid accidents. Use moist recipes so the moisture remains. Allow the fish to remain inside the microwave till some time so the heat is equalised. Never cook on full power as it will dry any dish.

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