Pizza can be made healthy with these healthy recipes


Pizza lovers think twice before ordering their favourite pizza because of the high calorie content. If you’re a pizza lover and cannot resist gorging on your favourite food, you can make a healthy pizza at home by tweaking the ingredients a little to make the pizza a healthy food option. Check out these healthy pizza recipes as well as some ingredients which you can use to make a tasty and healthy pizza:

A few Ingredients you can mix and match to create your own recipes for healthy pizza
 pizza recipes

The base

Use whole-wheat flour to make the base. Not only this will give you some fibre and protein, but it will also add a nutty flavour to your pizza. Tortillas and pita bread are good thin crust alternatives. In addition, English Muffins can make great mini pizzas. Cauliflower, zucchini, Portobello mushrooms and summer squash and Quinoa can also be used to make the base.

The sauce

Make tomato sauce at home, and give it a twist by blending vegetables like carrot s, squashes etc to make it healthier. You can also use sliced tomato instead of sauce. Roasted garlic and coconut sauce, salsa, pesto, pumpkin puree and garlic paste are other delicious options for the sauce.

The toppings

The toppings

Using vegetables for toppings is the healthiest option. You can use grilled chicken instead of pork pepperoni which would give you the proteins you need. Tofu, beans, cottage cheese, turkey pepperoni, nuts, broccoli, olives are healthy pizza toppings you can use.

Recipes for healthy pizza
 pizza recipes

Basil, spinach and shrimp pizza

To save time, you can use shrimp which is precooked and frozen, with spinach and basil to give you a boost of iron, fiber and calcium.

Turkey and skimmed mozzarella

Turkey without skin and skimmed mozzarella makes this a low fat recipe, and with garnish like parsley and basil, it also becomes very tasty.

Olives, caramelized onion and fennel

For vegetarian pizza lovers, this is one of the healthy pizza recipes. It is both easy and sophisticated. The caramelized onion and fennel complement each other and add a slightly sweet taste to the savory cheese and olives.

Mushrooms, bacon and arugula pizza


With just 115 calories every slice has, this pizza is delicious and healthy. Throw in some red bell peppers and parsley to get the pizza just right.

Enjoy your guilt free mouth-watering, healthy pizza, with these simple recipes which would provide protein and fiber for your body.

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