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Seven high calorie American dishes

Greasy foods

If you think a treat here and there once in a while won’t cause much harm, think again. Some of the foods that we eat at restaurants or buy from diners and take-outs is loaded with more fat than we can ever imagine. The quantity of cheese, mayo, ranch, and butter is a lot more than we require at a single serving.

Most of these foods have more than 2000 calories, i.e., they will supply an entire days calories in a single meal.

1. Burger, fries, and milk shake

A single burger with fries and milkshake goes straight to your gut. Most of them are dolloped with greasy sauces, mayo, and cheese. The giant sized ones with double the meat will clog your arteries. Deep fried potatoes are soaked in a hell lot of oil and the milkshake is super creamy and contains oodles of sugar.

2. Pork spareribs

Most of these ribs contain enough saturated fat to add a pound to your body in just one go. Even if they are served with a salad, its dressing is really slimy. The potatoes on the side are drenched with cream, cheese and oil. The slurry sauces on top also contain oil.

3. Chocolate milkshake

You might think you have grabbed a healthy milky drink and are doing your bit to cut down calories – but you are absolutely wrong. These beverages are laced with cream, whole milk, and sugar and can contain even more calories than some burgers and pizzas. Especially chocolate milkshakes combined with a second flavor such as coconut, peanut butter, oreo, etc.

4. Fried chicken steak

All the oil soaked by the meat when it is deep fried go straight to your waistline. The sauces daubed over are also very fattening. It is also served with slippery vegetables, creamy potatoes and greasy salads. Salads in ranch dressing or mayo are

5. Deep dish pizza

A thicker crust means that you are consuming a bigger helping of carbs and the dough has sopped up even more oil, cream and cheese. Also, they are laced with oodles of sodium. One pizza can supply you with saturated fat for 2-3 days. The much larger potion size also adds to your weight woes.

6. Hot dogs

Your average hot dog is quite heavy with the sodium as well as saturated fat loaded sausage. To add to the threat to your heart, there are special hot dogs that are squirted with extra ingredients like grated cheese, ranch dressing, oily mustard, extra mayo or cheese, deep fried onions, etc. Sometimes the sausages are coupled with other high calorie meat like bacon.

7. Deep fried pastry

The sugary and oily dough is deep fried again – this really adds to the calorie count of the heavenly dessert. The puffy and greasy texture will tell you that they have soaked in ample of fat. Most of these deep fried pastries are sprinkled with a generous coating of sugar. They are even worse if smothered with cream, caramel, sugary syrups, and chocolate sauce.

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