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The state of our mind is directly affected by the type of food we consume. It is very important to consume nutritious and pure food. Here are the ten healthy food tips.

1. Try and consume organic food items as they are free from any harmful preservatives, chemicals, artificial additives and flavors. Use herbs like mint, basil, chives, cilantro, etc. in your cooking regime. One can also opt for organic or homemade herbal teas. Herbal tea is rich in antioxidants and helps in maintaining good metabolism. One should include legumes and other food items which have high quality protein, so that our daily requirement for wide variety of protein is fulfilled.

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2. Cook food in a steamer or an earthen pot on a low flame. This will retain the high nutritional value of the tender food items which is lost when cooked in ovens, pressure cooker and high flame.

3. Include more of raw food in your diet. A healthy diet should include 60% of fruits and raw vegetables and the rest 40% as cooked food. Raw food is rich in nutrients than cooked food. One should consume quality food rather than eating junk food. Junk food may fill your stomach but it will not give the body the required nutrients. One should eat for nourishing the body rather than for taste.

4. Include good amount of fiber in your daily diet. It helps in good health of colon which is the main factor in keeping the digestive system healthy. When the colon functions properly, nutrients are absorbed well in the body from the food.

5. After cooking, the food should be consumed within 2 hours. After that the quality of food starts deteriorating and it is of no use to consume that food. One should always make sure to eat freshly cooked food.

6. Start the day with honey lemon water in the morning. It cleanses the digestive system. A healthy breakfast should include fruits, healthy drinks and fiber foods. The lunch should be a full meal and the dinner should consist of light food. As we do not indulge in any work at night, light food can be easily digested. One should not eat after 8 pm in the night.

7. Milk is good for health but should not be consumed in large quantities. A glass or a cup of milk is good enough to include in the diet. One should consume milk before 10 am in the morning as it takes long time to digest.

8. One should eat food only when one feels hungry and at least after 5 hours of the previous meal. If one feels hungry just after eating his meal that means one has taken healthy food and if one gets a heavy feeling even after a day that means the food was not healthy. One should always be careful of what one is eating when one is hungry and make healthy choices.

9. Do not drink water for a gap of half an hour before and after consuming food as it affects proper digestion.

10. The quantity of the food consumed by one should always equal to what your both hands can hold together. Our stomach is quite small and if we consume large amount of food, it will lead to large amount of toxin build up in the body and poor digestion.

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