Diet and Nutrition

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Food is something that everyone loves to his or her heart’s content anywhere in the world. With the diverse cuisines available all around the world, food is really a novelty of the human imagination, with so many delicacies and dishes …

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What is Chia Seeds?

Have you heard about a new rage in International food markets called Chia seeds? Everywhere people are talking about Chia seeds, Chia bars, Chia drinks and Chia snacks!  They have become very well known and demanding within the last few …

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What Is Flax Seed?

Flaxseed is also commonly known as linseed or Alsi. They are slightly larger than sesame seeds and have a hard shell that is smooth and shiny. Their color ranges from deep amber to reddish brown depending upon variety. They pack …

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Top 7 foods essential for women

Balanced diet is a cornerstone of healthy living for everyone, but sometimes diet depends upon your gender. In other words, many food materials are beneficial for both men and women but an array of healthy foods can fulfill the unique health concerns and

Top 5 low-cal recipes to kick-start your mornings

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A person should take adequate breakfast to stay active for the rest of the day. People often tend to skip breakfast due to a busy schedule, which has negative impact on their health. If you

Food habit during pregnancy

is a feeling, a soulful journey that every woman wants to have in her lifetime.
Having her own baby completes a woman. However, to have a healthy baby, it is
essential for the women to follow a good diet plan as without proper food and

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