Food habit during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a feeling, a soulful journey that every woman wants to have in her lifetime. Having her own baby completes a woman. However, to have a healthy baby, it is essential for the women to follow a good diet plan as without proper food and nutrition, the new born baby may suffer a lot of problems such as malnourishment, under developed brain and heart, and sometimes in extreme cases they may suffer from fatal issues as well. The article will help pregnant women design a diet chart for themselves that will not only help them stay fit throughout the pregnancy but will also result in them being gifted with a healthy child.

Pregnant Woman

1. Milk and dairy product


The pregnant mother and the baby both require calcium for strong bones. Milk, butter, and yogurt are full of calcium, vitamin B12, and protein. Therefore, a pregnant woman must include milk and dairy products in her diet. It is better if dairy products are included in breakfast and dinner, as they are properly utilized by the body during this time.

2. Foods rich in protein

Whole Grain

Pregnant woman also require constant supply of protein as it is one of the basic food item that human body needs. Cereals, grains, pulses, and nuts, as well as egg and meat are rich sources of protein. Egg yolks are best source of folic acid, which is very important for cell growth and cell division.

During breakfast, it is best to have some cereal, one egg, and some milk. This completes the breakfast for both the pregnant mother and the baby inside her womb. She can take meat in small quantity during her dinner or lunch and she should take nuts during the daytime, whenever she feels the craving for something to eat. Nuts are heavy and they can relax the cravings of food throughout the day. While eating meat, do ensure that it is properly cooked as raw meat can carry some virus or bacteria as well.

During pregnancy, it is always better to avoid canned fish as canned fish is preserved in saline or salt solution and it may cause water retention. So drain the fish properly and cook it well before eating.

3. Fruits and vegetables

Fruit and Vegetable

Green fresh vegetables and fruits are always best for any kind of diet. Green vegetables and fruits provide human beings all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber. However, vegetables should not be fried too much in oil, as when vegetables are fried too much, their nutritional value is lost. It is advisable to take the vegetables in boiled form or as salad. The mother should take vegetables during her lunch and diner to complete her meal. Vegetables should be properly washed before eating as they may contain harmful pesticides.

Iron is necessary to strengthen muscles and maintaining healthy blood and both of them are very important for a pregnant woman. Soybeans, white beans, and spinach are great source of iron. Spinach also provides the necessary folic acid.

4. Fluids

Fresh and Clean Water

Water helps to carry the vitamin and other nutrients from food to various organs of the body and helps to maintain all the different organs in a proper working condition. Therefore, at least 1.5–3 liters clean and fresh water should be taken by the pregnant woman daily. Fruit juices are also helpful for her as fruits are also source of various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. However, the pregnant woman should avoid packaged fruit juices, as the sugar content of these juices is very high. Water and fruit juices must be taken at regular intervals throughout the day.

During pregnancy, the craving for food is more and pregnant women often eat junk foods. They are very unhealthy and they do not have any nutrient values as well. So during pregnancy, these types of food should be avoided. During pregnancy, alcohol and smoking should be avoided as well, as they have harmful effects on the baby. Alcohol may cause physical defects and mental disability in babies. It is best to avoid alcohol during pregnancy. Also during pregnancy, reduce the caffeine consumption, as too much caffeine may increase the risk of miscarriage.

By maintaining a healthy diet and food habit during pregnancy, the mother can give birth to a healthy baby – her bundle of joy.

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