Chefs salute best film food scenes

What do you think happens when some of the most notable personalities from the culinary world choose their best food scenes? Unexpected responses are what you will experience in the situation. Some of the nominations of screen cuisine that came forth as Oscar worthy examples are listed below. Fabio Viviani who gained popularity from the cookery show Top Chef Season 5 and is also the host of Yahoo’s Chow Ciao seems to have taken a practical road for making his picks. The choices made by him are the scene ‘Godfellas’ which depicted Paulie slicing garlic with the help of a razor.


As per Fabio it is indeed an amazing way of doing the job as it gives very thin pieces of garlic and he was impressed by the scene so much that he could almost smell the tomatoes and garlic inside the screen. What is Fabio’s takeaway you might ask then according to him any kind of food becomes special when it is with the people you love like family and friends. It came as a surprise that none of the famous culinary people opted for scenes from the popular movies such as ‘Tampopo’ and ‘Big Night’.


Coleman Andrews said that he remain surrounded with food talk all day long as it is a part of his career and when he sits down food is the probably the last thing he wants to think about. According to Coleman great food scenes are the ones that enchant him in a non-food manner. The best scene according to him is from the movie ‘Hook’ where the adult Peter Pan joins Lost Boys in banquet. Coleman said that the scene really said a lot of appetite and the feeling of joy that food brings.


Michael Mina also chose some very unique food scenes from the movies. As per him the scene from ‘Pulp fiction’ is among his favorites where Vincent and Jules are talking in a diner over breakfast. According to Michael there is no flaw in the scene as it is absolutely brilliant in every manner. Michael Mina happens to be a big fan of breakfast and loves cooking omelets. Culinary notables from different places really put their unique choices forward which were not expected by anyone. These choices by the chefs showed their individual taste and preferences and everyone had a different story to tell.

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