10 Great gift ideas for chefs

Have you ever been to a restaurant and relished the lip smacking, delicious food served there? If yes, then have you ever thought of thanking the chef who tried to please your sense of taste through his various innovative delicacies? Remember a lot goes in the kitchen where the chef toils hard to satisfy your taste and hunger. Hence, showing him/her your gratitude can give the chef immense satisfaction.

Here are 10 gifts that you might consider giving the chef:

1. Chopping board: Though it sounds monotonous chopping boards come in a lot of variety and should be very useful for him/her. Tempered glass chopping boards come in beautiful and appealing designs that might making chopping an interesting part of cooking.

2. Apron and hat: These give a professional look to the chef and you might gift him/her a designer apron and hat. One that can be washed and reused would be the best.

3. Food processor: Consider this if your chef does not already have it. This might help the chef improve his efficiency. This is definitely going to make life easier for the chef as he can perform several repetitive tasks such as slicing, grinding, shredding etc in little time.

4. Knife set: A new set of knives (meat knives, cheese knives, French knives) ranging from small to big that serve varied cutting purposes – from delicate salad cutting for decoration to cutting fish for frying will be a great help.

5. Induction cooker: This can help the chef manage cooking time easily as the timer can be set on the induction cooker itself which switches off after the set time and no need to monitor cooking time. A set of flat bottom utensils for cooking can also be clubbed together with the induction cooker.

6. Spices: Quality of spices is critical while making a dish as the quality and quantity of spices determines the taste. Indian spices, which are world famous, can be gifted to the chef. Some of these can be cinnamon, basil, cumin seed, saffron, cloves, pepper etc.

7. Recipe booklet: The chef might be good at cooking what he knows. Gifting him a recipe book will help him expand the list of dishes he can cook. The recipe book must complement what the chef already cooks, in addition it should have some new dishes, which the chef can try his hand at.

8. Kitchen shoes: Ones which are light and comfortable, anti skid/ (to avoid in case of water/ oil spill) and are able to protect the feet from hurting in case something falls on them will be the best idea.

9. Cooking oils: A set of various cooking oils like olive oil, avocado oil, pea nut oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil etc. can be another gifting option that can be used by the chef as a medium for cooking various types of dishes.

10. Be his/ her chef: Gift might not necessarily be a product. It can be a service as well. So, consider cooking your chef’s favourite dish for him/her, this will surely surprise him/her.

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