Nigella Lawson: What makes her so popular

Nigella Lawson is charismatic, intelligent, versatile and much more than just a food writer. She is UK’s most loved food writer and perhaps most admired woman on British TV. She looks gorgeous and charming while presenting her gourmet recipes on her TV shows. Her effortless and entertaining way of sharing fuss-free tips and ideas makes her one of world’s most presentable food writers. A literature graduate from Oxford University, Nigella has worked at The Sunday Times and also as freelance Journalist before establishing cookery as her forte. She has several cookery books to her name and has sold millions of copies worldwide winning six different literary awards. In UK, she is no less than a goddess captivating the households with her forthcoming presenting style and fresh new recipes.

Her Recipes

Her Recipes

Nigella’s cookery is all about her love affair with food and her kitchen. She cooks for home, for herself and her dear friends. She makes her readers believe that there is a lot of pleasure in having traditional food cooked in a home kitchen. She has a never ending array of food recipes with all sorts of variations ranging from guinness ginger bread to spicy Indian meat balls. Perhaps that is why she is labeled as a domestic goddess – as she effortlessly continues to conjure up unique recipes.

Variety Cooking

Variety cooking

Nigella’s kitchen prowess is much more beyond the randomly invented dry recipes. She knows that every dish we like tells something fundamental about us and our culture. She shows that not only food is an inseparable part of our lives, it is a way to celebrate our lives. She is an expert on everyday pleasure as well as on special occasions. She dexterously invents recipes to match the occasions. From one festival to another, she graces the occasion with an unmatched sensuality, practical awareness and vigor. Her heart warming and passionate style only speaks about her love for life and good food. She understands the difference between the restaurant cooking and home cooking. She keeps in mind the constraints of budget and space for home cooking as well as exercises a fair deal of liberty to make it relevant for restaurants to try her recipes.

Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal

Nigella is renowned for her flirtatious manner of presenting on TV shows. She likes to call it intimate and shrugs it by expressing her inability to change her persona. The sexuality she brings out in her presentation is resonated by many commentators in their statements about her. On the other hand, her rivals take this as an opportunity to question her cooking skills. Nevertheless, she can be appreciated for her ability to attract both male as well as female viewers equally. The guardian wrote, “Men love her because they want to be with her. Women love her because they want to be her”.

Modesty with fame

Modesty with fame

Despite her talents and success, Nigella wears modesty and humility unlike for a celebrity at this level. She doesn’t like to be referred to as a “celebrity chef” much less a cook or an expert in kitchen. She persistently tells that she cooks for her own pleasure and finds it therapeutic. She brings thought to her cooking and behaves not only as a cook but as an eater as well. With dozens of TV shows spanning over a decade, and nine books on subjects spanning from food recipes to a co-authored biography, she has consistently outdone herself with the passage of time. At the same time, she has not let the success reach her head. Even today, she gets embarrassed by the praises showered by fellow TV hosts.

A woman of Extremes

Woman of extremes

She has seen a difficult childhood, divorce of her parents and tragic death of her husband. She has worked at departmental stores while at college before graduating with a degree in Medieval and Modern Languages from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. And then she saw success and advantage of talent with beauty. Aged 52 and standing at 5’7″, she is attractive, lively, thoughtful and very practical. Men love her, women want to be her, critics despise her but not many can ignore her. She is often referred with phrases admiring her womanhood, sexual attractiveness, intelligence etc. More than all that, descriptions of her food commands a handful of adjectives. Nigella Lawson is equally popular for her culinary and literary works as she is for her persona and sensual appeal.

With the radiance she exhibits she will continue to add taste to everyday life, long after she quits writing and presenting.

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