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Are the recipes shown on Pakistani cooking shows correct?

I tried to learn one of the mutton chops special meals the Beef Qorma but the whole dish fell flat on my face. This is so not done. Are the recipes shown on Pakistani cooking shows are correct? Will you share with me the recipes of the beef Qorma? Please

Can I cook normal day to day recipes in the show Master Cook?

I know cooking from very early and till now I have learned many recipes. I want to participate in the show named master cook. I want to know can I make all those simple recipes there in the competition which I know I am the best in or I need to prepare my

Are all the recipes shown on food network star healthy?

Yesterday I was watching food network star show and I saw that the host of the show does not make any bone out of using too much oil and butter in the recipes which he was cooking. So I want to know are all the recipes shown on this network healthy or not

Do you know few popular games for girls?

Well, I’m in great puzzlement this time. Day after tomorrow, I have to attend the birthday party of my best friend but I have no clue what to gift her. My brother told me to gift virtual PC games. I have found it quite interesting but I’m in search o

Can someone recommend some best princess cooking games?

My 11 years old sister is crying for PC games especially princess games. I have never played such games in my life. Her birthday is falling on the 25th of this month. I want to give her a surprise present. I’m thinking about purchasing some princess gam

Could you recommend some best real cooking games?

These days, I’m looking for the games that are inspired with real cooking. It should be like mom cooking in kitchen for her family. Just like a person is doing maiden cooking in the kitchen. I have no idea and I have asked from my friends, even they don

Can you tell me something about serving Pizza perfectly at home?

I want to serve Pizza perfectly at the kitty party that I have scheduled for the next weekend. Till that time I want to be perfect in it. Will you please help me out with some great ideas on everything related to it? How can I impress my friends? I am des

Are there any good books on the games of cooking?

Are there any good books on the games of cooking? I am particularly searching for the ones that will include a lot of outdoor cooking absolutely apt for camping. Is there any which suits my needs? Can you share some books that will help me organize such a

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