Ferran Adria: The master chef’s journey

Ferran Adria, is one of the world’s prominent figures of culinary/restaurant industry, since becoming the head chef at El Bulli. He is one of the most powerful and respected innovators the culinary world has ever witnessed. The star chef’s ceaseless quest for innovative ideas has garnered the transformed El Bulli into a place of journeyers. El Bulli is considered as one of the best restaurants in the world. The salient 30 course gourmet menu evokes the anxiousness of every senses to give it a definite shot. Ferran’s fame stands high due to his 30 course gourmet menu.

Ferran Adria

Roots, origin and military stints

Ferran Adria was born on 14th of May 1962, in suburban Barcelona, Spain. Never did he know about his cooking spree, since it was the least in his mind. He started as a dish washer at a French restaurant in Castelldefels, Spain. He observed and learned some of the classic culinary techniques. Later, he moved into the Spanish Navy as a kitchen staff of the captain general.

Post short Navy service in 1983, he was given a chance to do a tryout at El bulli, in Roses, Spain. Seemingly the chef liked what he saw and offered Adria the job of a line cook.

El Bulli reaches the top

Very less was known of El Bulli, before Adria landed into the arena. Commonly known as a French restaurant, El Bulli was a traditional set up. It was recommended to Adria that he must travel to seek fresh recipes and ideas to use at El Bulli. This was where he picked up to learn from top notch restaurants in France to absorb new techniques and recipe ideas. This helped him acquire huge collections of techniques from many masters of culinary.

Molecular gastronomy

Adria began experimenting his cooking charms with the previously acquired knowledge, which would ever change El Bulli’s position at the top. With the usage of science to cooking practices and phenomena, Adria established the concept of Molecular Gastronomy into his cooking system. Eventually, this phenomena boosted his creations to enthrall his guests at El Bulli.

Culinary foam and its fame

He was famously known for the most celebrated creation, Culinary Foam. This was cultivated and used by chefs around the world. It is a natural gelling agent mixed with natural flavors (sweet or savory). Some of Adria’s foam creations include foamed mushroom, foamed espresso, foamed beetroot, and foamed meats.


The restaurant remains closed for six months each year. Adria utilizes this time to travel for more inspiration and he practices recipes and performs experiments to perfect his niche skills of culinary. At 44, much has been expected yet of this massive talent to contribute more incomparable delicacies.

His devotion towards the highest standards remain untainted. Quite surprisingly, this success of reaching the pinnacle of his career, has not one bit ruined him or allured him to be greedy of a wealthy life; rather it has advanced his commitment towards cooking.

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