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10 most popular salad recipes

Salads, possessing all vital nutrients and being a good source of power, are very good for health. Salads can be prepared with anything; sea food, canned vegetables, fruits, fresh vegetables and eggs. Salads can make fulfilling meals on their own or can b

salad recipes

6 Reasons why plum wine is not good for health

Plum Wine is a beverage product produced from fermented plums. However, it is not considered to be a healthy drink as it doesn’t provide beneficial nutrients. Plum wine is mostly used in Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea. It became very famous i

why plum wine is not good for health

This b’day, treat your kiddo some cupcakes!

It is your child’s birthday and all you have been thinking about is what special you could do for him/her this year. After hours of challenging brainstorming sessions, all you end up saying is, let us get a delicious cake. Here is the twist now. This year

Cooking cupcakes

Modern food trends that never die out

With changing values in life, people are undergoing a paradigm shift in food trends where they are more quality and health conscious. They are embracing new things which may be a little difficult but the factors mentioned below clearly indicate the change

Modern food trends

6 Advantages of casserole recipes and how to ace it

One pot meals are gaining more popularity in today’s hectic world where everyone’s busy with their career. Coming back home after a hectic day at work puts you in no position to make a complete meal. This is when casserole meals come in handy when you wan

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