World’s top 10 best restuarants

Many top tier restaurants have won global recognition for what they serve and how they do it. Whenever you visit a new place, you are on a look out for the best restaurant to dine in. However, the job is not that easy. To make this task easy for you, here is a description of the top 10 restaurants of the world.

Best restaurants of the world

1. Noma


Noma is a two Michelin star restaurant founded by René Redzepi and Claus Meyer. It is situated in an old warehouse in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Noma’s cuisine is Nordic and one of the famous dishes is “The Hen and the Egg”. The service is homely and excellent. The food is extraordinarily good. Roasted duck, stone crab, and fine quality wine are some of the best available items in Noma.

2. El Celler De Can Roca


El Celler De Can Roca is a three Michelin stars restaurant situated in Catalonia, Girona, Spain. It was founded by the three Roca brothers: the oldest brother Joan Roca is the head chef. Some of the outstanding features are classic menu, multilingual staff, top class service, and obviously delicious food.

3. Mugaritz


Mugaritz is a two Michelin stars restaurant in Errenteria, Spain. Mugaritz has two menus that change daily according to what the chef decides. Mugaritz belongs to the breed of haute cuisine restaurants with the focus on molecular gastronomy. The food served and the atmosphere inside the restaurant is extremely good. Milk and Tapioca ice cream is one of the best dishes available in the restaurant.

4. Osteria Francescana


It is a two star Michelin restaurant in Modena Italy run by Chef Massimo Bottura. Osteria Francescana is known to be the best in the culinary world. Dining in this restaurant is something special. It offers a huge variety of wine and spirits in more than a hundred page menu book, the menu consists of different revolutionary dishes. The restaurants greatest signature dish is Cesar’s salad.

5. Fat Duck

Fat Duck

It is a relatively little restaurant situated in Brayand and is famous for its experimental cooking all over the world. The food and service at the restaurant are awesome. It is very hard to find a fault in this place. The restaurant is known for its menu of unusual dishes, which are created following the principles of molecular gastronomy. Some of the examples include “salmon poached with liquorice” and “baconand egg ice cream”.

6. Alinea


Alinea is quite famous for one of the finest food made by any chef in American history. It has taken the Chef Grant Achatz to the chef super stardom. The restaurant is unique in many respects including the deconstructed food and the amazing flavor combinations and theatre to the tableware.

7. D.O.M


It is a Brazilian restaurant run by Chef Alex Atala. The chef usually creates surprise dishes on the spot for you. One of the best dishes in the menu is pasta made from “palmito pupunha”. Superb and very creative interpretation of Brazilian ingredients is the best feature of the restaurant. The service staff is very friendly and helpful.

8. Arzak


It is one of the most innovative restaurants in the world located in San Sebastian,Spain. It is definitely worth a visit for those who are gastronomically inclined. Arzak is a wonderful example of exemplar food service and personal attention. The food is innovative, inventive and delicious. Juan Mari Arzak, the restaurant’s chef and owner, is regarded as one of the great masters of New Basque cuisine.

9. Le Chateaubriand


Le Chateaubriand is a restaurant on Avenue Parmentier in Paris, France. The head chef is Inaki Aizpitarte. The taste of caramelized egg yolk dessert is the best. It is effortlessly cool and affordable. Under the direction of Chef Inaki Aizpitarte, this restaurant has become one of the hottest bistronomique in town.

10. Per Se

Per Se

Per Se is a restaurant with three Michelin stars. The restaurant is known for its creativity and consistency, and is considered one of the good restaurants of US. It changes its menu every day, so in eight years, it has come up with almost some 30,000 different dishes. Some of the dishes are re introduced from prior seasons but they are continuously refined. Fox tail lilies are used for decorating the arrangements of the dining room using grey and brown color. A working fireplace allows for fireside dining. The waiter staff is dressed in starchy dark suits and ties. They are fully attentive and helpful. However, the food is beautifully conceived and presented in varied colors of the rainbow. The menu is a jumble of bite size tastings, the simplest of which involve five courses that include cheese and dessert.

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