5 Famous and New Winery Inns

Winery Inns

The concept of inns inside a winery, is fast gaining pace. People, who own wineries, want tourists and visitors to taste their freshly fermented wines and also stay put to enjoy the life in a vineyard. Such vineyards and winery owners have started inns of their own, which serve delicious food with ingredients plucked from the local farms, along with their specialty wines. Such inns are commonly seen in countries like France, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand and Spain. There are many more countries which have an extensive production of grapes and are engaged in making their own special wines. Here is a list of five new winery inns which can be visited and stayed at.

1. Chateau de Campuget – France

Chateau de Campuget - France

This winery inn is located in the southern most banks of the Rhone River in France. This region, known as Costières de Nîmes, is a major wine producing area. The chateau was a historical structure built in the 18th century by the Dalle family, which has now been converted into a three-room inn and is extremely beautiful. It is surrounded all across 444 acres, with vine varieties like Syrah, Viognier, Roussanne and Grenache. The restaurant serves great three course meals along with the choicest of wines from the gardens all around.

2. La Foresteria at Planeta Estate – Italy

La Foresteria at Planeta Estate – Italy

This winery inn lies very close to the archaeological sites of south Sicily, in Italy. This inn is quite a large one with 14 rooms and is built by the Planetas family. They are one of the famous wine producers in Italy. The rooms are decorated with a Mediterranean touch and overlook some great vineyards. Cometa wine is made from the grapes grown in the vineyards overlooking the inn. Visitors to this inn can taste some exotic wines kept in the personal cellar of the family and savor some Sicilian dishes made by the family for the guests. The inn even arranges for cooking lessons, where you can learn a few Sicilian dishes.

3. The Yeatman – Portugal

The Yeatman – Portugal

The shipping city with its ancient flair called Oporto, is the city where The Yeatman is made for tourists to visit. It is close to the Douro vineyard of Portugal which is very famous for its wines. There are 82 rooms for guests. Almost all rooms have the view of the Douro River. There is a spa available as well which excels in wine yeast treatments. The restaurant boasts of making some delicious capon with langoustines by a Michelin star chef Ricardo Costa. You can taste some great Portuguese wines along with the food here and you will surely never get such exotic wines elsewhere.

4. Millar Road – New Zealand

Millar Road – New Zealand

Located at one of the oldest wine regions of New Zealand, Hawke’s Bay, Millar Road is an inn comprised of three villas. It is a luxurious and very artistically made winery inn. The two owners Gabrielle Simmers, a wine maker and Greg Collinge a linen designer wanted people to enjoy food and wine while they came to Hawke’s Bay. The wonderful villas have their self kitchens which are stocked with food. There is no restaurant but one can get a grill arranged on the outdoors. The Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc from 2009 is provided to every guest staying here.

5. Le Domaine at Abadía Retuerta – Spain

Le Domaine at Abadía Retuerta – Spain

This winery inn is opening its doors to guests in the summer of 2011. This inn is owned by the Abadía Retuerta winery. The inn is located in a 12th century abbey with 22 rooms for guests. The hotel will be called Le Domaine and will serve the best wines produced in the region. The chef Urs Bieri will cook some lip smacking recipes in the restaurant of the hotel. As the inn will be located on the Ribera del Duero plateau of Spain, one can have a great view of the vineyards all around.

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