Must visit beachside restaurants in Los Angeles

The evolution of the hotel industry at Los Angeles has brought forth different ideas to woo the visitors to the Pacific Ocean. The seaside location and the natural charm of eating along the waterfront have resulted in a string of restaurants on the Los Angeles coast. The idea of the breathtaking sunsets and the experience of watching the colors of the day melt away into the water’s edge, seem to draw the diners to visit and revel in a meal at one of these sea-facing restaurants. The tourists as well as artists throng to these places. Here is a description of some of the beautiful restaurants serving the finest seafood in a picturesque setting.

Ocean view restaurant

1. Shanghai Red’s

Shanghai Red's

An intriguing blend of Victorian, Polynesian and contemporary architecture, this restaurant is located at the far west end of the Marina Del Rey. It has a delicious menu that specializes in steaks and fresh seafood. The weekend highlight is the grand champagne brunch that includes the traditional items as well as the ethnic specialties.

2. Moonshadows

Moonshadows restaurant

Since the 1960s, Moonshadows has been a landmark in Malibu. The water views and the sound of the surf breathe life into this Malibu waterfront restaurant. The restaurant boasts of Japanese-inspired interiors that overlook the ocean and offer a breathtaking view. A patio that is covered with dotted umbrellas gives the viewer an exhilarating feeling of being surrounded by unbounded waters and expansive skies. The locale of the restaurant dictates seafood – the menu is decorated with ocean delicacies.

3. Duke’s Malibu

Dukes Malibu

The fruity cocktails, island decor, and ocean-vistas make this restaurant a paradise where one can relax. Duke’s was named after Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, a legend in swimming, and has a distinct Hawaiian legacy of beach culture and island fun.

4. Gladstones


This is one of the most popular restaurants of the Southern California coast known for its generous portions of Mile-high chocolate cake, crab chowders, and lobsters weighing up to 6 pounds. The iconic mojitos also attract huge crowds to savor the watermelon, pineapple and dragon-berry drinks. Gladstones has been voted the best place on the west side to watch the football on a Monday night.

5. Cafe Del Rey

Cafe Del Rey

This restaurant is seaside facing and is inspired by the coastal Mediterranean cuisine. The black truffle gravy topping on the meatloaf and the Black Spaghetti with prawns, calamari, and bay scallops is beyond comparison. Diners can savor the tantalizing food and gaze lazily at the boats docked at the Marina.

6. Shades Restaurant and Bar

Shades restaurant and bar

Living by the culinary code of buying fresh and keeping it simple, this fixture of the Hilton waterfront has a lively atmosphere. This is a perfect locale to enjoy a power-lunch or a romantic rendezvous. The dining room boasts of a carving station, Belgian waffles, fresh sushi, and an irresistible assortment of desserts.

7. One Pico

One Pico

There is a seasonal bent to the cuisine of this modern American restaurant. The ingredients are procured from local farms and are turned into appetizing creations that tingle the palate of diners. The restaurant has a casual elegant setting and serves fresh contemporary cuisine on the Santa Monica Beach.

8. Ocean and Vine

Ocean and Vine

This restaurant is housed in the gorgeous Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, located near the Santa Monica pier. There are striking artworks, low ceilings, and a fire-pit with steel chimneys, which make this venue stand out from the rest. Although expensive, each dish here is a wonderful showcase of the local and seasonal food.

9. The Cannery

The Cannery

This restaurant is a historical reminiscent of the times when Newport harbor had become a hub in the fisheries industry. It gets its unique name, as it is located in the old canning building that faces the Newport harbor. There is an extensive variety of seafood on the menu here, which includes a raw bar, traditional steaks, chops, and sushi. The striking feature of the restaurant is the five myriad dining areas. One of the oldest restaurants in this area, the cannery covers more than 90 years of American history.

10. Catch


The restaurant has long drawn windows facing the sprawling waterfront on the Santa Monica Beach. The elegance and the crisp décor of the restaurant beckon diners to indulge in the exquisite fresh seafood. The handmade Ravioli and the octopus salad are a hearty comfort to every diner who revels in the vibrant fare served here.

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